How to gain weight

How To Gain Weight: Healthy Diet

People interested in bodybuilding or that exercise a lot usually want to gain weight.

Many people are interested in how to lose weight and limit calorie intake, but we also find many others struggling desperately to gain weight and muscle mass.

Gaining weight is not synonymous with eating processed, fried, sugary or fast foods: weight gain has to be carried out in a healthy way. In this article, you will find how to achieve your goal through a hypercaloric diet.

What is a hypercaloric diet?

A hypercaloric diet is a type of dietary pattern that contains a higher caloric and energy intake than the person needs. This type of diet aims to achieve weight gain, increasing the calories consumed as long as they are of good quality. It is achieved by increasing the intake of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

People who want to undergo this type of diet must first consult a professional specializing in diet and nutrition. In this way, personalized guidelines are established for each individual and a nutritional study is carried out, adapting to people's tastes and preferences and their state of health.

To gain weight, you must consume between 3000 and 3300 calories a day. This amount is gradually increased according to each person's needs. For this reason, the foods that make up this diet must be high in calories, as this way we prevent the body from consuming its own fat reserves. Therefore, the fat accumulates and we increase the weight.

We must control the quality of the food consumed. Otherwise, we can generate unexpected results and worsen our state of health.

It is important to consider the appetite of those who follow this diet and that the food consumed does not provide a feeling of satiety. For this reason, it is not advisable to consume fatty products, as they tend to increase it. The proteins must be consumed at an adequate level, as too much could cause an overload of the liver and kidneys. The most advisable thing is to eat a greater amount of carbohydrates.

To gain muscle mass it is essential to follow this type of diet. In this way, first, we take the volume we require to later define it. However, it is important to always consult a professional before undergoing this diet.

What to eat to gain weight

When trying to gain weight, it is important to consider the following:

  • Calories need to be increased based on the quality and quantity of food. We need to increase carbohydrates and proteins. However, we shouldn't take too many fats, as they satisfy our appetite faster.

  • We can't skip any main meals. Also, we have to add one or two snacks between them.

  • We have to consume enough protein, between 1 and 1.5 kg a day.

  • Consume foods that provide us with vitamins, especially from group B.

  • Moderate your fiber intake, for the degree of satiety that it produces is very high.

  • Give priority to those foods that provide us with a lot of calories but that have little volume, like nuts, honey, and vegetable oils.

  • It is not recommended to have soups or salads before meals, for they reduce our appetite.

  • Food has to be easy to digest, that's why carbohydrates are the main product in these diets to gain weight. Fats and proteins prolong our digestion process.

  • It's better to cook fats for our body to digest them better.

  • In some cases, the diet is supplemented with drinks and hypercaloric products, as they provide extra calories.

  • It is important that the temperature of the food is not too high. When we heat the food, it satiates us more. The person has to eat a lot before feeling full.

How to gain weight
Carbs like pasta and rice are vital to gain weight. 

Tips to gain weight

A hypercaloric diet must be adapted to each person, according to their tastes, preferences, energy expenditure and state of health. However, some foods are generally recommended to include in a high-calorie diet.

For example, whole dairy products are essential. We can use powdered milk to enrich purees and creams. We can also take yogurt with nuts, seeds, cocoa powder, jam or honey.

Cheese is an important product as well, as it provides us with proteins of high biological value and calories with little volume. We can add grated cheese to our dishes and use cream cheese for our toasts. Eggs are another helpful food.

It is also recommended to consume white meats, which are more digestive and do not require as much chewing as red ones. It is also important to include fruits and vegetables in the diet, as long as they can be cooked and not raw, as this reduces their volume and degree of satiety.

One of the most important ingredients for a high-calorie diet is pasta and carbohydrates in general. We can eat pasta, rice, potatoes, and cereals every day. Also, we must introduce white bread to all meals. If we want to consume legumes, it is better to choose small ones such as lentils or blended such as hummus, as large ones are more difficult to digest.

Sugars and sweets should be consumed in moderation. We can havehoney, jams, dates, almond paste or nuts for sweetening. Another of the foods that we have to incorporate in our diet are nuts in general. They have a lot of calories and nutrients.

Avoid non-carbonated drinks to avoid satiety, and if we take infusions, we can replace water with milk.

How to gain weight
People who want to gain weight usually dedicate to bodybuilding or do a lot of physical activity. 

How to gain weight in a healthy way?

If we want to have a diet to gain weight, it always has to be supervised by a nutritionist. We should not make the mistake of just increasing the number of foods rich in fats and sugars, causing nutritional imbalances and worsening our health because of saturated fats, sugars, and salt.

One of the keys to a healthy high-calorie diet is that the diet has to be balanced in nutrients. All needs for macronutrients, such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, have to be covered.

It is also advisable to divide food consumption throughout the day in 5 or 6 intakes, instead of 2 or 3 copious meals, as this way we avoid getting full quickly. Also, it is important to control stress, as it is the reason for weight loss in many people.

We should not forget to work out. It is recommended to exercise our muscles, avoiding aerobic activities, since they activate the metabolism and they burn fats.

Finally, it is important that the meals have little volume but concentrated energy. We have to choose healthy foods with high-calorie content.

When to eat a hypercaloric diet

A hypercaloric diet is indicated for all those who want to gain weight or increase muscle mass. The profile of people who are recommended to eat a diet high in calories are:

  • People who want to start working out: if you want to begin doing certain workouts, first you have to increase muscle mass.

  • Bodybuilders: in order to train in  certain categories of bodybuilding, you need a particular weight  that we can only achieve with high-calorie diets.

  • People who have just gone through a long period of stress: those who have lost a lot of weight and need to quickly regain their original weight.

  • Very skinny people: people who need to gain weight because of their constitution or because of some disease.


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