Baby essentials

Baby Essentials: 10 Must Have Baby Items

If you are a first-time parent have a look at this newborn checklist and make sure you don't forget anything.

It does not matter if you are a first-time parent or whether there's a new member of your family or in your group of friends and you want to give them a welcome gift; I'm sure you're thinking what things does a newborn need.

Years ago there may have been a feeling that the range of products available to make it easier for raising and taking care of babies was too limited, but today the perception we have of such an overwhelmingly wide range of products leads us once again to ask ourselves: "Do we really need so many baby items?" The answer is unequivocal: No.

Another thing is that the habits of consumption installed in our society, advertising or this or that influence make us believe the opposite. For those of you who appeal to common sense, we tell you the 10 baby essentials a newborn really needs.

10 baby essentials you really need

We show you the essentials so that your baby does not lack anything or you carry unnecessary stuff.

1. For umbilicus cures

We begin the baby essentials list with the items you need for umbilicus cures. Before proceeding to the bath of the newborn, this moment will have to be replaced by the careful washing with a soapy sponge to avoid that the immersion harms the drying and later cicatrization of what will be their definitive navel.

So while the expected fall of this little piece of umbilical cord occurs, among the things a newborn needs, you should include sterile gauze and 70º alcohol with which to perform the corresponding cures for the baby until it dries and finally detaches from their body.

2. Bathtub

One of the favorite moments of babies, including newborns, is bath time, where they reconnect with the sensations of weightlessness and well-being of the womb. And although there are specialists who do not recommend bathing them every day, being enough about three times a week, even so, just for their enjoyment, you can give them a daily bath with warm water and very little soap.

In any case, among the baby essentials that you will need for their arrival is the baby bathtub. They can be portable, bucket-shaped or attachable to the washbasin or shower. There are different types, and you will have to see which one suits you and your baby better.

On the other hand, don't forget to buy some toiletries such as a baby bath soap that is suitable for both body and scalp care, a natural sponge and moisturizer for body and face.

Baby essentials
Among baby essentials, a good moisturizer and a special healing balm cream are very important.

3. Cradle, bassinet or sidecar

Whichever option you choose for your baby to sleep, you'll need to do some of the baby essentials, because even for those who opt for a cradle, you'll need to adapt your own bed so that your baby is safe enough to do so.

The mattresses that can be placed between parents in the center of their bed, as well as the so-called "sidecar" (a type of crib that is attached to the side of the bed) will be very useful for sleeping close to your baby.

If on the other hand, you prefer to use an external cradle to your own bed or a bassinet, in addition to these, you will have to get the mattress of the appropriate size, several sets of sheets and some protectors to prevent possible leaks from the diaper or regurgitations that can drop in the mattress dirtying it. You can forget about the pillows; they won't be necessary until much later.

4. Diapers

Bearing in mind that a newborn needs an average of 10 - 12 diapers each day of size 0, start with a good forecast to attend the arrival of your child since among the baby essentials, the diaper change is one of the most frequent care you have to try to avoid unnecessary irritations.

And along with the purchase of diapers, add disposable wet wipes to clean your baby every time you change them, as well as a booty healing balm cream in case of redness and a waterproof changer (better if it is portable).

5. Stroller

You'll spend a lot of time with your baby, especially during the first few days, and for the daily walks to get the sunshine that is so necessary for their development, don't forget to add a stroller to the aby list.

The ideal formula is one that combines different seat types with the same chassis. Normally, strollers are priced higher than less versatile models, but the purchase of one of these adaptive models is perhaps the best purchase you can make, as it will accompany stage by stage all the time during which you carry your baby until they can move with greater autonomy.

6. Car seat

It is essential to have an approved car seat that can be fitted to your car or to any other, as it is the safest for babies, is to carry them in this type of seat specially designed for newborns, using the restraints and instructions given by the manufacturer.

7. Baby carrier

Consider to  include among your newborn essentials the baby carrier, similar to the popular backpack only that simpler, for it guarantees the adequate support of your child in your breast when you take them with you.

For all those who use this system, they can count on not having to give up having their newborn attached to their body while they can continue to attend to the tasks they are going to perform due to the possibility of having their hands free.

8. Essentials bag

And where do you plan to keep all those baby items? That's exactly the function of this essential gadget; the one that would be the essential bag for your baby. Do not leave the house without it, because inside you can include everything that is important to meet all kinds of needs and setbacks of the baby.

Baby Essentials
It is important to know the baby essentials that you really need so that you don't add too many items to your baby list.


9. Clothes

That you'll need enough clothes to change your baby as many times as required, that's for sure; they'll get so dirty that sometimes you'll doubt whether you'll have time to dry the clothes before the next setback. But don't buy too many of them, because, in just a month and a half, your little one will make an amazing transformation and their size and weight will increase.

Babysuits are very comfortable for them, but they have the disadvantage that they will be the first garments that won't fit. It is preferable in such a case to buy two-piece clothes. Ah! And forget about adding shoes to your baby list. They don't need them at all, for they can be barefoot or just use socks. But what should not be missing for the time of their arrival in the world is a cap because they will use it from the first moment to avoid the loss of body heat.

10. Bibs, bottle, formula (in case of no breastfeeding) and pacifier

Among the newborn essentials when it comes to feeding, depending on the type of feeding for which you have opted you will need some things or others.

If you choose to breastfeed, you will only need bibs: Not only will you prevent your baby from getting all dirty, but you will also be able to keep your clothes clean by placing the bib on your shoulder when you have your baby burp after feedings.

If, on the other hand, you have decided to breastfeed artificially, you have to add to the things a newborn needs, both a bottle (if possible, with an anti-gas valve) and formula for newborns as well as mineral water. Pacifiers are used to calm bottle-feeding babies.

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