hair transplant for men

Hair transplant for men: facts and costs

How is a hair transplant for men performed? What are the results? How much does it cost? Which method is better? Click here to learn more.

Hair transplant for men: does it worth it?

Hair transplant for men is highly demanded nowadays, even among well-known celebrities, and the reason behind this is quite clear: two-thirds of men will experience some kind of hair loss by the age of 35. There are several options for men needing a hair transplant, but not all of them get the same results; on the other hand, a hair transplantion is not always the best option  if your hair is thinning.

Therefore, in the following lines we are going to tell you all the truth about hair transplant for men: what are the main techniques used? What results can you expect? How long does transplanted hair last for? What is the cost...? You'd better don´t miss this!!

FUE or FUT: which technique is better?

No doubt you have heard about these initials: they are the acronyms of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation; there are other techniques used for hair transplantation, but these two are the most used as they have proven to be the most effective ones.

FUT, also called the "strip method", involves removing a part of the scalp from the donor area -usually a strip from the back of the head- which contains the bulbs; it also involves the use of bandages and surgical threads, and leaves visible scars that normally last for life. The recovery process is slow and painful, but for years was the most used method for hair transplants.

On the contrary, the FUE technique is a more modern method that has several advantages compared with the traditional FUT method. In FUE bulbs are extracted from the donor area carefully and one by one: this requires a longer operation and a better specialisation by the surgeon; but it´s a less invasive method that causes no pain to the patient, who can go home after the operation. After just a week, healing process will be over and with no scars left at all.

To perform FUE technique, the surgeon applies local anaesthesia and uses a tiny tool to extract the bulbs and implant them into the recipient area after microscopic channels are opened on it. The operation takes several hours depending on how much hair follicles will be implanted -up to 4,000 in a single session- but during the overall process the patient is conscious: he can talk with the medical staff, or just relax and read a book or listen music.

When will I see the first results?

When it comes to a hair transplant, the most important thing is to choose a experienced clinic with qualified medical staff. If the operation is successful and you follow the guidelines and recommendations of the clinic, it will take several months to see the final results, but in the end you will have a new superb and natural-look like hair, and none will be able to realise that you have got a hair transplant.

Take into account that during the first 2-3 weeks a phenomenon known as "shock-loss" may occur: this happens when all transplanted hair falls out. Don´t worry: this is absolutely normal, and doesn´t mean that the procedure has failed. The point is that the bulbs containing the hair roots are still in your scalp: therefore, after some time new hair will grow again healthy and stronger after the shock caused by the surgery.

Actually, you normally will have to wait between 2 to 5 months to see the first results and your new hair growing back. 6 months after the operation, it becomes evident that your new implanted follicles are doing their job and that your new hair is growing; and about 12 months after the surgery -although this period varies with each patient- you´ll get to see the final results of your patience: your brand-new hair!!

How long do results of a hair transplant last?

In modern FUE technique -which is nearly the only one used in countries like Turkey- hair follicles are taken from the donor area of the patient himself, with no risk of rejection; entire hair follicles are transplanted from the donor area, which receives this name because it has enough hair to donor, as it has not been affected like the rest of the scalp (usually because this hair is genetically immune to male-pattern baldness, the most common cause of hair loss).

Since the entire follicle is transplanted to the recipient area, if you wish to know what will happen with your new hair  you should take a look at what happens with the hair that is left in the donor area, as their evolution will be similar. While you get older, this hair may fall out in some way due to aging, but in general it will remain as long as your donor area hair will do: that is, your new transplanted hair will probably last all your life.

Can anyone get a hair transplant?

Despite to the common belief, not everyone is an ideal candidate for a hair transplant. If your donor area is small or has not enough density, medical staff won´t be able to find enough follicles to be transplanted into the recipient area. It´s in fact the surgeon in charge of your operation the one who will decide if you are suitable for this type of intervention, and the maximum number of follicles that can be transplanted.

But after analysing your condition and the causes behind your hair loss, he/she may decide that not genetics but a pathology is behind your hair fall out, and that in such case a hair transplant is not the best solution. Also, if you are still young and your hair loss process is not over, a wise and honest surgeon will advise you to get a hair transplant in the most appropriate time.

How much does hair transplant cost for men?

How much is a hair transplant for men? Well, the answer will depend on in what clinic but also in what country are you making the question. A hair transplant in the UK cost up to £30,000, depending on several factors such as the clinic, the procedure and the number of follicles to be transplanted.

Facing these costs, more and more people are choosing countries like Turkey to perform any kind of hair treatments, including hair transplants. The reason is obvious: even including the cost of the trip by plane, a hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey, will cost about £2,200 at most.

"We offer a complete hair transplant pack that includes airport transfers, luxury hotel, personal driver, translator and other VIP services... and it´s just £1,900 all included", says Eyad Attar, manager of one of the most famous clinics for hair transplants in the Turkish city. That means 16 times cheaper than in the UK... and for the same price you get luxury services and the chance to visit the magnificent Istanbul... sounds pretty good!!

Why so many men choose Turkey for a hair transplant?

Don´t think of Turkey as the last place to get any medical treatment... on the contrary, Turkey is nowadays one of the main destinations in the world for medical tourism thanks to its high quality facilities, skilled and well reputed doctors, and the use of cutting-edge treatments and therapies.

Thousands of people travel every year to Turkey to get a hair transplant, and Istanbul itself is considered as the world's capital of hair transplants. This means that Turkish doctors have performed thousand of hair interventions and, therefore, have much more experience when compared to their counterparts in Europe, USA or other countries: that is, they not only get better results, but besides they also can implant more follicles in a single session.

Is FUE transplant safe?

Hair transplant operations have been performed for more than 50 years; FUE technique is newer, about 12 years old, but contrary to the old FUT method leaves no scars, is painless, and needs only local anaesthesia. In summary, there is a long experience in this medicine field to openly say that it´s completely safe.

Besides, a key factor when getting a hair transplant is choosing the right clinic, with skilled medical staff with enough experience in new methods such as FUT technique, and with modern facilities.

As you have seen, hair transplant for men can be quite affordable if performed in countries such as Turkey. Do you dream of recovering your lost hair and a younger appearance? So, what are you waiting for?