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‘Cooking’ can refer both to the preparation of foods before consumption as well as with gastronomy and culinary arts.
Today and Tomorrow's HOROSCOPE summary for the 12 signs of the Zodiac on love, money and health.
Food has a nutritional function but it is also important psychologically and socially, and a healthy and complete diet is essential.
Natural medicine, otherwise known as naturopathy, is an alternative to modern pharmaceuticals that also involves lifestyle changes.
Superfoods include chia seeds, quinoa, spirulina and chlorella vulgaris algae, Andean maca, reishi mushrooms or avocado.
Vegetables are edible parts of plants, for example, their leaves or roots. A few of the most popular veggies are lettuce, broccoli, artichokes, carrots, asparagus, and beets. If you get enough of these, you’re sure to stay healthy.