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10 Easy Short Haircuts And Hairstyles For Women

Wavy, wet look, grunge or retro, find out which are the best short haircuts and hairstyles.

Short hair has become one of the latest fashions of the season. If you decide to have short hair, you should know that there are different haircuts and hairstyles for you, depending on whether you want it more or less formal, or whether we want to emphasize one part of our face or another. So if you are one of these women that have dared to cut your hair short and you want to complete it with an easy hairstyle, you should know what types there are and which one suits you better according to your face shape. 

10 short hairstyles

Having a short haircut does not imply boredom, but totally the opposite.  Depending on the type of haircut we have and the shape of our face, we can have different updos or even give it a disheveled effect. 


Having your hair cut is in fashion, and more and more women are encouraged to wear this type of hairstyle. For this reason, in the following lines, we list the trends of short hair for women, and we detail the different kinds of short hairstyles.


1. Half bun

This short hairstyle consists of a high bun done only with the front part of the hair. We leave the other part loose as if it was a semi-updo. It is an effortless and comfortable hairstyle to wear. 


This type of updo looks good on everyone, especially for women with round and oval faces. We can wear it for any event, whether it is informal or not. We can also make different versions of it and give it our personal touch, for example, making two buns instead of one. 




2. Wet look

It is one of the trendiest hairstyles this year and widely used by celebrities to attend any event. It consists of creating a wet effect on the short hair. For this, we need to apply a specific product that simulates this effect. We can wear this look both for day or night events, and the hair is usually combed back. With this hairstyle, we achieve an impressive and different style that not many dare to wear. 



3. Short hair with volume

One of the best options for an easy short hairstyle to wear to a party is adding volume. If you want this look, you just have to let the hair dry naturally, and then we add some mousse to give it some volume. Then it's a good idea to make yourself a quiff and add hairspray, so it stays up all day. It's not a problem if you have a fringe, because it also looks nice if you let it loose. This hairstyle is perfect for women with short hair who want to shine at a party or event. 


4. Side braid

One of the best short hairstyles worn, both for every day and for special occasions, is the side braid. There are many types of braids we can do, from root braids, cascade braids, fishtail braids, etc. For this reason, this hairstyle can be seen in many different ways. We can give a touch of trendiness to our look with this updo for short hair. Also, we can make it look nice with the style we decide to wear on each occasion. 




5. Wavy

This short hairstyle is the easiest one to do and the one we can get more results from. This style has been a trend for years, and it looks like it will last a few years longer. To achieve this look, we only need to  dry our hair naturally and make some waves with the straightener or the curling iron. In just a few minutes you will have an elegant hairstyle that looks great on anyone.


6. Disheveled

Another way of wearing your hair short is by creating a tousled and casual look. It is one of the most popular hairstyles that women choose especially to go to work because it makes you look informal but also dressed. To be able to make this hairstyle we just need to apply a specific serum depending on the kind of hair we have. With this hairstyle, we highlight our features and our femininity. It is ideal for elongated faces.




7. Grunge hairstyle

This short hairstyle is thought for women with plenty personality. It is a Nirvana-style haircut. It is one of the latest trends, and a lot of celebrities have decided to wear this hairstyle.  The key for this hairstyle is to let it fall naturally and add some curls. One of the most popular options is to dye it with a color that breaks with your style. With this, we create a sexy and modern girl's look.



8. Semi-updo

If you're looking for an elegant option for a wedding or party, you can opt for a semi-updo for women with short hair. It is a straightforward hairstyle to do, and it can be very elegant depending on the style we want to achieve.  There are loads of options, but combining this semi-updo with wavy hair is the most popular preference among women. It consists of a semi-updo higher or lower, as you prefer, and let the rest of the hair loose where we can have some curls using the straightener or the curling iron. 




9. Updos

Updos for short hair are possible, even if you think they're not. We have a lot of options and different styles. Wearing it with some curls or with a fringe is ideal. An elegant option is a bun and letting some curly locks down on the sides of our face. If we have a fringe, we can comb it to one side. We can also add some accessories, which are on trend this season. 


10. Retro

We can even wear a short hairstyle from the '50s or pin-up style. It is one of the best options to go to a wedding or ceremony, as it looks very elegant and creates a very feminine and sensual look. For this hairstyle, we need to do very marked waves. Once we have done them, we dishevel them with a comb to make the wave bigger. We just need to touch up the hairdo, so it looks like we want it to look and apply some hairspray. We can add a nice clip on the side. 




How to choose the best short haircut or hairstyle

After having a look at all these different hairstyles for women, it is inevitable not to ask ourselves: how do I know which suits me best? The answer is the type and shape of our face. Depending on our face shape, one hairstyle will look better than another one. This is why, before deciding which haircut or hairstyle to wear, it is essential to know what style will suit us better. 


1. Round face

Short hairstyles for round faces should be able to make the face look longer, with volume at the top. If we have a fringe they look nice at one side and with the part at one side.


2. Oval face

Most short hairstyles look good on people with this kind of face. The best options are wavy hairstyles or updos. 


3. Elongated face

With this type of face,  the best short haircuts are those which provide volume on the sides.  Hairdos with volume at the top should be avoided. Side braids are a good option for this kind of facial features. 


4. Square face

It is important to soften the chin, that is why you should avoid straight haircuts. An excellent option is to wear a side fringe to break with the symmetry and semi-updos with waves.


5. Triangular face

The most suitable hairstyles for this kind of faces are those that do not have much volume on the top but do have volume at the bottom. Side braids or wearing a hairband with the hair loose is a very good option. 




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