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Are There Any Legal Drugs That Can Help with Your Memory?

Substances as Nootropics have been described as the closest to the magic pill form when talking about memory help

After some great movies that have been released, that have shown one drug to be the be all for creating improved intelligence, is it actually real though? Obviously, movies exaggerate heavily on the truth and form scenarios from fiction, yet the main thing here is that does this opportunity actually exist, or is it something entirely out of the ballpark?

Nootropics have been described as the closest to the magic pill form, we are talking about here. Some of the best Nootropics on the market have been projected as the best option yet, when it comes to legal drugs for memory enhancement.

What actually are Nootropics?

Neuroenhancement substances are used to improve your person's cognitive response and function within everyday life. Sure, it may seem rather new and newly introduced, however this actually has been a possibility for quite some time now. Fifty years now to be exact. The first enhancement of Nootropic was called a Piracetam, which was developed by a Guiurgea. He did not actually know of the full potential that drug brought to people, nor did he understand fully of the pathology that drug works, mechanism wise. Therefore, it was a drug that was in the making for its full extent, use and awareness.

Guiurgea began his exploration of the true power of smart pills, naming them the term Nootropics. This term comes from the Greeks, which branches off the word’s ‘mind’ and ‘bend’ as in manipulation or alteration. Nootropics have been very well known to provide users with a sense of wakefulness and awareness. This drug is grouped together with other agent’s due to the similarity of their chemical structure and therefore the compounds which derive the drug actually can be derived synthetically or naturally. However, the true understanding over the extent of such natural materials is still being studied.

There will always be the fear of such drugs becoming addictive if users do partake in taking these beyond sustainable means. Of course, being that this family of drugs is completely legal, often people may think it is okay to take these beyond some measure of control. For that reason, users should be given the material and informational access of how the overuse of these pills can actually have adverse effects in the long run. It needs to be spoken up about more and given the platform that it deserves for educational purposes.

These drugs have first and foremost been prescribed for the treatment of medical conditions such as ADHD, in addition to other psychological underlying issues. The drug helps ADHD sufferers focus their attention span alongside their cognitive function and focus their efforts with more precision and success.

Nootropics are not approved for use outside of health supplementation, meaning people wishing to heighten their awareness and mental capabilities, would have a hard time receiving these upon a prescription basis. Yet should you find access to use of these drugs, it would be best to consult with a medical practitioner and professional, to ensure that it actually is ultimately a smart thing to do for your body. Examples of the Nootropics are down below, with their effects.


Piracetam is known through studies developed to improve your independent cognitive function, alongside your own personal memory. It has been around since the year 1964, however only in the past decade has there been enough research and studies performed to justify this drug completely. Again, as mentioned previously, it is not approved to use this drug just for the function of a supplement, without the appropriate medical background to justify your usage of the drug.


Aniracetam is another derivative of the Piracetam. However, this drug has been created purely from synthetic materials and therefore is not compromised whole fully from any natural materials. It is however the second most widely accepted Nootropic drug, due the immense success the drug showed during drug trials. There have been claims that this drug not only increases memory capacity, but also increases the individual’s ability to create and provide further an outlet to their creativity.

Currently this drug is being used to treat children that have down syndrome. Yet therapy studies have shown this drug cognitively works different to children and does not improve a child's functioning as it does to older adults. There is still the link and relationship to be explained within scientific research. Yet there will be further answers that arrive in due time of course. Big pharmaceutical bodies such as GlaxoSmithKline and Astrazeneca for example, are taking the clinical trials further to understand why the drug performs differently to children with Down Syndrome, than to adults for example.


Oxiracetam is a drug created via drug programming software. It is completely synthesised and therefore not a natural derived substance. Through trials and extensive research, this drug has been proved to expand attention span and long-term memory. Especially for those that have trauma neurologically and want to improve upon that.

What are the limitations of Nootropics?

Of course, with every huge leap forward in the research of this drug, there will be negatives and cons to the drug. It is only natural after all. With medication, there will always be side effects and that is inevitable unfortunately, with most medical treatments brought on the market of scientific research. This is why it is imperative to discuss with a medical professional, should you believe that you are entitled to the treatment for example.

Currently, the identified limitations of this treatment include substance disorders. This is more prevalent to users that have had a past with using substances wrongly. The body's response to Nootropics will differentiate significantly than those who have no history of substance abuse for example.

Nootropics are just a small ounce of difference that can occur in terms of increased cognitive capacity. Much of these attributes can be introduced to the mind through correct psychotherapy techniques. For example, the right diet, the right mindfulness and meditation has been proven to heighten the cognitive response, without the single need of chemical substitutes.

Exercise and nutrition combined with these efforts have shown to have long term positive effects without the adverse effects of addiction and over use of Nootropics that can often be the case for some users introduced to the drug. It will all depend on the user's medical history and attitudes towards drug use, in addition to the personal lifestyle too.