Nestea Iced Tea

Nestea: Definition, Calories And Varieties Of This Iced Tea

Nestea is an iced tea cold beverage very popular around the world, high in sugars and low in calories.

Nestea Iced Tea
Nestea is one of the most popular iced tea brands.

Nestea, one of the most commercialized beverages in the world, is a perfect choice for iced tea lovers. Apart from the typical lemon flavor, this brand also sells other varieties of flavors such as peach or raspberry. 

In this article, we are going to explain what Nestea is and what are the main varieties of this ice tea cold beverage. We will also let you know how many calories and sugar these kinds of drinks contain - two aspects that can be very important for many people. 

Nestea: Definition

Nestea is one of the most popular iced tea brands on the market.  This product is currently owned by Nestlé and was marketed for several years by The Coca-Cola Company.

The primary taste of the Nestea brand is lemon, known worldwide for being refreshing and sweet. Unlike other carbonated beverages, Nestea's classic lemon is mild and low-carbonated, which is why it is a refreshing drink well suited for summer or very hot weather.

Nestea was introduced in the American market in 1948, which had a lot of commercial success. 

The new recipe launched by Nestlé in some specific countries is made with fewer ingredients and with tea leaves from Nilgiri, India, where it is said there is high-quality tea. 

Iced tea
Iced tea, such as Nestea, can be an excellent option during hot summer weather. Sugar-free versions of it are a good idea.

Product distribution

Nestea is marketed nearly all over the world and in countries at all latitudes.

From the late 1960s, Nestea was marketed by The Coca-Cola Company until 2017, when both companies, Coca-cola and Nestlé, which had a collaboration agreement until then, decided to put an end to their strategic distribution alliance.

Today, after 16 years of collaboration with Coca-Cola, it is Nestlé that produces and distributes Nestea around the world - except in Canada, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary, where distribution remains the responsibility of The Coca-Cola Company.

Calories and nutrition facts

The nutrition facts of the different Nestea varieties do not differ too much from one product to another. Most of the types have around 20 kilocalories, except sugar-free varieties, which can provide us only with one kilocalorie. 

Among the nutrition facts of the products that are not sugar-free, we find significant amounts of carbohydrates and sugars, as in the case of most soft drinks - which explains the relationship between the consumption of this type of drink and diseases such as diabetes mellitus.

Nestea varieties

The success of Nestea's worldwide distribution has made it possible to launch different types apart from the classic one. Below we highlight the Nestea varieties that have been most successful in the markets of different countries.

1. Lemon flavored tea

This type of iced tea is the most popular and classical variety.  The combination of tea and a soft, refreshing lemon scent has been successful all over the world, making it the most consumed variety among all.

Lemon Nestea is made without colorants or preservatives, and although it is a great thirst-quenching drink, moderate consumption is recommended due to its sugar level. Excessive consumption can have adverse health effects, for example, diseases associated with an excess of sugar such as diabetes.

2. Zero sugar lemon iced tea

Lemon iced tea drink but this time without sugars, calories, colorants or preservatives. The perfect alternative to keep on enjoying the taste of Nestea and preserve our body from excess sugar.

Nestea, Iced tea
As a healthier alternative to Nestea, we can elaborate our own iced tea with no sugar. |

3. Peach flavored tea

A refreshing new peach flavour is added to the Nestea iced tea varieties. We also find the variety "white peach", made from one of the juiciest types of peach. However, it should be borne in mind that this iced tea contains more sugar than the variety with lemon.

4. Raspberry flavored tea

This is one of the new recipes from Nestea. It includes black tea with raspberry flavor. 

5. Mango-pineapple flavored tea

One of the most recent flavors in Spain, it is iced tea added to the flavor of mango and pineapple. A more exotic and tasty alternative to traditional tea.

6. Green tea with passion fruit and mangosteen

This Nestea variety is made from green tea and contains the aromatic flavor of passion, fruit, and mangosteen. There is another similar variety that includes green tea and apple juice.

It is necessary to specify that nutrition professionals do not tend to recommend this type of drink. Although you can make occasional consumption of them, it will always be better to opt for homemade versions and without sugar that are not processed.