Girl names

42 Girl Names With Meanings

It is said that our name influences our personality. Are you looking for baby girl names? Here you will find Basque, English, Arabic and Spanish names and their meanings

Girl names
Looking for ideas on how to name your baby girl? Check out this girl names list. 


Trying to choose the perfect baby girl names? This decision could lead some parents to conflict. What a mess is made in the after-dinner when it comes to choosing them! What if you are going to name her this or that, what if that name reminds me of someone, what if that name is too old or too modern, give her this name in honor of her grandmother... Typical arguments, but usually funny.

From here, we can't assure you that you won't go through those conversations, but we can help with some ideas. So, besides being able to make a list with the names you like the most, you will have the way to argue the reason for your choice.

42 girl names and meanings

In this article, you will find girls names of all types, origin, and meanings; some more classic and some less common. Whichever one you end up choosing, it'll be unique because your little one will have it!


Spanish names

We begin the list of girl names and their meaning with some short and sweet Spanish ones:

Girl names
These Spanish short and sweet girl names are great options. 



The first name of Latin origin ('lux') and means 'the one who carries the light' or 'who is born from the light'. In this way, it references girls who are born at dawn.


Of Catalan origin, this is one of the most tender names,  meaning 'sweet as honey.'


'Beautiful as a rose' is the meaning of this short, sweet name from Latin origin.


Of Hebrew origin, its meaning is 'beauty' and 'adornment.'


In third place of short and sweet Spanish girl names, we find another of Hebrew origin. On this occasion, its meaning is 'God has sworn, God is abundance.'


We switched to Germanic origin. Emma means 'strength.'


This Latin name means 'Protector God of home.'


Blanca is another Germanic-origin name, and means 'white and bright.'


Pearl is this Latin name's meaning.


The origin of this name as such is found in the central Andes because its meaning in Quechua is 'fire.' It is also the diminutive of names such as Catalina or Cristina.


Sol is of Latin origin and means Sun. Still, it is a girl name.


Our suggestion  list of Spanish girl names finishes here with Vera, of Latin origin and that means 'true.'

Arabic names

We continue with girl names and their meaning through a small list of Arabic ones. With a special sonority, these are unique names.

Girl names
Arabic names are unique and original.



We begin the list of Arabic names with this one that means 'pious and friendly-hearted woman.'


'Bee' and 'pure honey.'


This name makes reference to a 'woman bearer of good news.'

Fadila or Fadhila

Both options mean 'virtue.'

Zahra or Zahara

'Flower, beautiful, and star.' An Arabic girl name with many meanings.


Going on with the suggestions on Arabic girl names, we present this one that means 'East wind.'


Means 'the first one.'


'Gentle, patient, persevering woman.'


This name refers to an act of kindness.


To finish with the Arabic girl names list, we present Jessenia, which means 'flower.'

Basque names

Basque girl names are unique, different, uncommon and original.

Girl names
Basque names have very interesting meanings.



Beginning with the suggestions for Basque names, we present Alaia, which means 'joy.'


Its short form, Arantza, is the patron of Gipuzkoa and comes from the Basque question 'arantzan zu?', which means: 'you, in the thorn?'. That is why Arantzazu is known as the Virgin born from the thorn.


Perhaps one of the most common Basque names. Edurne means 'snow.'


This name doesn't have a literal meaning, for it's the name of the Izaba Virgin.


Virgin of Azpeitia.


This is Basque for 'nativity.'


A variant of Maite which, in turn, comes from the adjective maitea and maitatua, which means 'beloved.'


It is the name of the  town belonging to the Valle de Arce, in Navarre.


Means 'end.'

Oihana or Oihane

The last of the Basque names for girls is this one which refers to the attraction towards forests.

English names

We continue with girl names and their meaning with some of English origin.

Girl names
Girl names of English origin are beautiful and unique. 


We want to begin with Bonnie, which means 'joyful and cheerful girl.'


English variant of Leah (in Hebrew) which means 'delicate' and 'heaven's daughter.'


'Scarlet color.'


English version of Lucía, which as we said before, means 'the one born from light.'


Charlotte means 'petite and feminine.'


'The one to whom God provides with good health' or 'the one who God helps.'


Name of Latin origin that means 'beautiful as the flower of the same name.'


'The one who knows how to listen' in Aramaic.


Of Greek origin. Means 'true and sincere.'


The last English girl name suggestion means 'seaport.'

Girl names
Hopefully, this girl names list can help you take one of the most important decisions ever.


These 42 girl names and their meaning can be a little push towards one of the most important decisions during pregnancy: the identity and personality of your baby girl. Surely, among so many suggestions, there is one that you can add to the list of 'possible.'

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