Running music

Running Music: The 20 Best Running Songs

Listening to music while running can increase our performance and exercise intensity.

Listening to music and doing exercise are two components that always go together and we do not really know why most of the time. There are scientific studies that confirm the fact that listening to music while running increases the intensity and training ability.  

If you want to be the best runner, in this article we list 20 best running songs so you can run as much as you can without losing any motivation

Running music: is it effective?

Some studies prove that listening to music while running can increase the intensity and performance. In general, music plays a very important motivational role. 

However, other studies are needed to prove what type of music -rhythm, personal preferences, etc.- can lead to more intensity when running. 

It is also known that motivational songs can help the runners to dissociate themselves from the sensation of tiredness perceived by the body. It affects the effect of perceived effort and its tolerance due to 2 mechanisms:

  • Rhythm synchronization.
  • Excitement improvement (especially when this has a personal meaning for the runner).

Music also affects the mood, trust, and self-esteem of sportspeople.

Although there are some contradictory results about the ideal type of music for this type of effects, we can reach the conclusion that, in general, it should be high-intensity and with rhythm music, and/or meaningful for the person.