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Celebrities Who Have Overcome Cancer

We show you some of the most significant cancer cases in celebrities from the film and music industry

In the last decades, there has been enormous progress in the treatment of medical problems that were previously more difficult to treat. One of the best examples is cancer, different types of them that currently represent the second cause of mortality in the world: it causes approximately 1 in 6 deaths.

Here we will talk about  celebrities who have suffered cancer and have recovered from the disease; however, some of them have recently been diagnosed with cancer again due to the reappearance of malignant tumors.

Celebrities who have overcome cancer

In this list, we have included relevant examples of many of the main types of cancer, including breast or skin cancer. We have focused on celebrities around the world from the interpretation and music industry who, in general, are known all over the world and not only in their countries of origin.


1. Hugh Jackman

The Australian actor, Hugh Jackman, has starred in films such as “X-Men,” “Les misérables” and “Prisoners.” Jackman suffered skin cancer on his nose in 2013, and another one in 2014. Now, the actor seems to be out of danger.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman has had skin cancer not long ago | GTRES

2. Anastacia

Anastacia has bred cancer | GTRES

The American singer-songwriter, Anastacia, who was very successful in the West in the early 2000s with songs like “I’m outta love” and “Left outside alone”, was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 34 years old  –almost by chance, since her aim was to reduce the size of her breasts. She managed to overcome it after undergoing surgery and radiotherapy.

Later, Anastacia played an essential role in the awareness of young girls concerning breast cancer through the charitable foundation she created (“Anastacia Fund”), which is also dedicated to research for this disease.

3. Lance Armstrong

The cyclist and seven times winner of the Tour de France has reappeared in the news in recent years due to the controversies related to doping that caused his titles to be withdrawn.

Armstrong is also known to have suffered testicular cancer that was detected in the third phase; this means that it had metastasized, that is, it had spread (specifically to his brain, his abdomen, and his lungs). After successful treatment with surgery and chemotherapy, Armstrong created a foundation to help other cancer patients.

4. Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton
Olivia Newton-John hasn't overcome cancer yet | GTRES

The co-star of the musical “Grease” had breast cancer in 1992. Since then, she has tried to favor the investigation of this disease. In May 2017, a new malignant tumor was detected in her breast; what we currently know is that it has spread to her lower back.


5. Robert De Niro

Robert de Niro
Robert De Niro had prostate cancer | GTRES

In 2013, this actor, who has starred films such as “Taxi driver,” “Cape Fear,” “Once upon a time in America” and “The Untouchables,” was diagnosed with prostate cancer, from which he recovered after an operation. Other celebrities who have suffered from this type of cancer are Ben Stiller, Ian McKellen, Roger Moore, and Colin Powell.


6. Sofía Vergara

Sofia Vergara
The "Modern Family" star had thyroid cancer | GTRES

In the year 2000, Sofía Vergara, who later became a star for her role as Gloria in “Modern Family,” had thyroid cancer that she overcame with the help of radioactive iodine therapy.


7. Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith
Melanie Griffith recovered from skin cancer | GTRES

This American actress, mainly known in the Spanish-speaking countries because of her marriage with Antonio Banderas, was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2009. It was removed by surgery, and she recovered from it without significant problems.


8. Michael Douglas

michael douglas
He had tongue cancer | GTRES

In 2010,  Michael Douglas told the press that he had throat cancer –and it generated controversy when it was attributed to the practice of oral sex. Later, it was known that what he actually suffered from was tongue cancer but that he had lied to convey a more favorable prognosis. The actor, son of the famous interpreter Kirk Douglass, has starred in films like “Basic Instinct,” “Fatal Attraction,” “Wall Street” and “Traffic,” among many others.

9. Mr. T.

Mr. T.
Mr. T was diagnosed with a T-cell lymphoma | GTRES

Mr. T is best known for having played M. A. Baracus in "The A-Team," but he has also appeared in "Rocky III" and other audiovisual products. In 1995 Mr. T was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma (coincidentally). This is a type of cancer that affects white blood cells and has a particularly adverse prognosis compared to other lymphomas.