Horoscope Tuesday on a background with clouds

Horoscope for February 23, 2021

You can now read your horoscope for Tuesday, February 23, 2021. The complete prediction on health, money and love according to your zodiac sign
Horoscope Tuesday on a background with clouds
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Aries Logo


(21 March - 19 April)

At a great scope, the stars predict you’ll have a nice, loving family life. To keep everything right, bury the past far and deep, because if dirty laundry comes up, you could be clashing against your partner.

Your professional life will carry out in a serious environment, excessively formal, perhaps. What’s good about this, then? The situation will be easy to handle and perhaps they'll even improve.

Your nerves are in check, you’re moving on from some ailments that ruined your weekend, and looking forward with an optimistic perspective.

Taurus Logo


(20 April - 20 May)

You'll try to understand your partner a little better, this Tuesday will be the perfect day to carry out new communication strategies. Observe their gestures, listen to their concerns, try to discover small details, those that make the object of your love a unique being.

You suffer a lack of attention, you can make certain errors of more or less seriousness in your work.

To combat this lack of concentration, it's important that you get quality rest (without oversleeping, which is counterproductive). In this sense, make sure that the nap doesn't get out of hand.

Gemini Logo


(21 May - 20 June)

If you are in a relationship, you'll enjoy an extraordinary state of harmony. The issues that were troubling you begin to show a favorable direction and therefore you'll feel that it's no longer time for reproaches or bitter conversations.

Today you could enjoy exchanging ideas and visions of your profession while you manage to complete with joy all your objectives for the day.

Your body possesses special wisdom to heal your cells. Trusting in your body's ability to heal is a fundamental part of any treatment you're currently undergoing.

Cancer Logo


(21 June - 22 July)

Emotional hurricanes will catch you off-guard and you’re afraid of being broken beyond repair. Your sensitivity is running deep, and even constructive criticism from your partner could sound as painful as a nag.

It’s important that you set your alarm clock earlier than usual today; if you fall asleep and come in late to work, it’ll get to the person you fear the most.

Your lips will be particularly sensitive today, so use a nice protective balm to keep them from cracking. This isn’t only health, but beauty as well!

Leo Logo


(23 July - 23 August)

You will need to switch off from everything and everyone to focus only on one person: your loved one. You'll be eager to connect with your partner in a quiet, intimate setting to find out how he or she is feeling.

You'll feel slightly overwhelmed when you receive requests for help from contacts and friends for advice and assistance on financial matters. Give your best advice but make it clear that without effort there is no reward.

You might feel discouraged that you aren't getting the results you expected with your exercise routine. Patience Leo, the physical change will begin to show in a short time.

Virgo Logo


(24 August - 22 September)

You think about it a lot, and you analyze to what extent society pushes you to live love relationships in a way that you aren't sure you want for yourself. Would there be anything wrong if you abandon the path that others have marked out to trace your own?

You'll be full of doubts, no matter if you have a temporary job or if you have already signed a permanent contract. You hear the word crisis everywhere, and it causes you logical fears.

You spend too much time on certain health and beauty rituals, but you don't notice the results. Maybe there's something you're doing wrong.

Libra Logo


(23 September - 22 October)

Your prediction for today, Libra, reveals that the Universe is asking you to let go of any preconceived notions of love. This means that if you're with someone now, and that person tests your patience, you have to opt for understanding.

On the work front, there are parts of your professional life that you need to leave out of the equation, especially if they're contracts that have held you back or belittled you in the past.

In health, you direct your personal magnetism toward education and spiritual expansion and even connect with communities around the world.

Scorpio Logo


(23 October - 21 November)

Don't be afraid to start over if you're single. A relationship comes into your life that could be important. But don't rush into it, you'll have to be calm if you want to move forward.

Real estate investments are recommended at this time for the children of Scorpio, if you have in view a house, get advice, because you could be losing a chance for business.

You're in full use of all your vital energy. You feel in top form. Physical and mental integrity will help to balance the emotions.

Sagittarius Logo


(22 November - 21 December)

This will be a wonderful time for your affective life. Mars in Cancer, in aspect to Venus in House V, will favor the harmony and seduction of Sagittarians, adding a spark of passion and creativity.

Unfortunately, for the always mobile Sagittarians, the possibility of making new professional contacts will be restricted by the presence of Saturn in the III House, unless they are for urgent reasons.

In health, you might establish new friendships that will enrich you by their originality and will lead you to elaborate a new philosophy of life.

Capricorn Logo


(22 December - 19 January)

Regarding romantic relationships, the affection, sensuality and support you feel is unique. From today, you'll feel really free of some conflicts that you were dragging from the past.

If you're one of those natives of the sign of Capricorn who believe that you should move more quickly in some financial matters, today you'll be aware of very positive news for the development of your professional and economic life.

It's a day of great well-being and power of cellular and physical regeneration.

Aquarius Logo


(20 January - 19 February)

Those who are longing to give a new direction to their affective and love life will count on the favors of Venus in a very affine sign, which will allow them many possibilities to initiate romances.

Professionally, there's the possibility of making interesting investments and businesses, with which you'll be able to increase your income and finances.

In health, today, things won't be very different, if you're careful and don't take unnecessary risks, there's nothing to worry about in this aspect of life. However, you are accumulating nervous tension.

Pisces Logo


(20 February - 20 March)

With Mercury already direct and the Moon in Cancer, you'll show affection to your partner, children and relatives. Communication will be fluid and you'll make your loved ones feel good thanks to your understanding. The single Pisces won't want to know anything about love.

Your mind will be very clear and your ideas in the professional field will allow you to solve several setbacks in the company where you work. If you have your own business, you'll be faced with the dilemma of increasing your working hours or hiring a worker.

Pisceans with diabetes could have an important fluctuation in their sugar levels, be careful.