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Ever Tried Playing Food Roulette?

It's an interesting game, very popular among Australians and New Zealanders

The inspiration behind Russian Roulette, the deadly game of chances was certainly the Roulette wheel. That would give rise to yet another idea, this time taking a completely divergent route away from the fate-tempting adventure; Food Roulette. It was a thing exclusively done by foodies – a break from the world of consequence-filled game to a similar, but less consequential adventure.

It might sound like an all new concept, but playing a food roulette has been around for quite some time. If you are an adventurous food enthusiast, it could be your escape to the online thrill witnessed in playing online roulette, only that the prize is different. For those who perhaps have never had the chance to play, here is how you can join your friends to get the real experience.

How to play Food Roulette

In this game, a variety of individual food portions are required, among them, one which is unpleasant or outrageously spiced. It is known as the green pocket. In most cases, the loser can be compensated with a glass of cold milk, tequila, sake, or any other drink, although not a necessity.  The preparation stage is where all the fun begins, where you get the chance to be as creative as you like. However, if you find it tedious, a pre-prepared hot sauce bottle can be handy. That is exactly what happens in most restaurants where the game is available.

The idea is to conceal the doctored food from the rest, in a manner that it becomes totally indistinguishable from other portions laid on the same table unless someone tastes it. Purpose to include amounts of chilies or hot sauce, or even sour plum, to make the foods identical from the start.

The shot of tequila is placed right at the middle of the table, where each participant gets to taste their portion. The unlucky participant who gets the spicy portion is not supposed to combust or show any reflective sign, and if he/she is lucky not to, the tequila is theirs. Others win by tasting their foods for the rest of the session so that’s what makes everyone a winner in Food Roulette.

Restaurant Food Roulette

The Food Roulette is a popular game among Australians and New Zealanders. It is believed that Aussies and Kiwis find games of chances so tempting and irresistible, hence, the love for this particular game. It is big in these regions, and the most popular restaurants draw huge fans from all over the place. 

Elsewhere, Fry roulette is almost synonymous with Californians, particularly Ground House. Food portions are served in different varieties, French fries, tater tots, fried onion rings, seasoned fries, crispy waffle fries, and sweet potato fries. The servings are placed on a wheel above another wheel bearing a variety of 12 sauces. To determine the food you get to eat, you spin the wheel that revolves right to where you are.

To make it fun at home, this is also something you can try on your own with the rest of the family. More fun when you invite a few friends over, as such a game can set a party mood and make everyone around happy. Get creative if you don’t have wheels to spin the foods, just make sure no one has an advantage. It is no longer fun when someone gains undue advantage.