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The Cryotherapy is growing up, Is it the new age of sports healthcare?

This is being supported by new results achieved by liquid nitrogen vapor with elite athletes’ injuries.

The 21th century is being the best moment for sports and physical exercise because of the unstoppable increase of technological advances. Now the best athletes aren’t those who train more, but the ones that plan it better and use the most efficient ways of training and recovering.

Cryotherapy is getting its place in this market, not just because of the benefits that it has, but also because companies are also evolving to help us getting better resources to work with. This is being supported by new results achieved by liquid nitrogen vapor with elite athletes’ injuries.

How do they work?

This method is based on low temperatures exposure. The user has to sit in a sauna that reaches low temperatures, then the muscle is helped to recover faster and stronger because of the cold. It is being used in most of famous clubs around the world because of its proven results.

Aesthetic results are also really good, it has been proven that it reduces cellulite, control overweight or improve the condition of the skin in the visible layers. This machines  are really precise, it graduates temperature perfectly so your body doesn't suffer. Actually, this graduation stimulates blood circulation  so the inflammation is reduced.

Who can buy these machines?

Cryosense works with different kind of clients. It is true that the most common buyer are sports centers, but also medical and aesthetic centers are buying this machines. Particulars can also buy them, and actually lots of athletes should because, as we said, optimization of time and recovering makes an athlete better than the rest.

The sports cryotherapy is used for recovering after a physical exertion, improving your regeneration  and as a healing supporter for physical injuries. Its application as healthcare method reduces pain, prevents inflammation, improves functions of damaged joints and there is a long list of benefits that continues, it may even have more that are not proven yet. It also reduces stress and maintains this mental state longer than other methods.

The cryotherapy machine price is not as cheap as everyone would like it to, but is also cheap for the kind of user that can afford them. Its price oscillates between 30.000 € and 60.000€ for the most advanced models. It is seen as an investment for the future. This cabins are unique and completely studied by the Cryosense laboratories. They don’t manufacture to other brands, they design, create and sell them exclusively to users and centers. They also test everything so the results are the best of the market in both ways, aesthetic and health treatment.

If you want to buy a machine from this company, you should contact them through their webpage and order the most suitable sauna for you. The advantages of buying these machines have been studied by their own scientists too so they can control every detail in the process of buying and using their machines. So now that you know the advantages, the prices and the users that are interested in this kind of saunas. You should think about this kind of investment.

It is known that Real Madrid is using this machines to recover after every training. They have been using easier methods before this. Methods like cold masks or bandages for wounds and inflamed muscles and articulations. Another athletes that bought these saunas are Floyd Mayweather or Lebron James, that know better this techniques because of its common use in the United States. Look for a place where they have bought one, try it and then you will see how healthy and good can be for your body regeneration.