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10 Lullabies For Babies To Fall Asleep

Make lullabies your best ally when putting your baby to sleep with these 10 bedtime songs.

There are not many things that relax a baby as lullabies do. Bedtime songs are used around the world to help babies fall asleep

Baby lullabies can delight little ones for small naps as well as deep sleeping at night. In the following article, you are going to find 10 lullabies in case you have run out of ideas and so you can expand your repertoire. 

What are lullabies?

Lullabies (also called good-night songs, bedtime songs or cradlesongs) are short musical compositions destined to make the little ones fall asleep easily. In many of them, we can find a melancholic tone that makes them even more beautiful.

Lullabies lyrics can be very varied, but most of them talk about sleep time, making them the perfect bridge between the waking state and sleeping. There are many lullabies popularly known in each culture due to their oral transmission from one generation to another.

Their vocal combinations, the metrics, the melody, and the rhythm, together with the rocking movement of the cradle or your arms, will favor the baby to end up in Morpheus hands to enter the wonderful and sweet world of dreams (even in the cases of the smallest troublemakers at bedtime).

Would you like to learn new lullabies? I bet you know loads of them, but we might be able to help you expand your repertoire, so keep reading