10 Lullabies For Babies To Fall Asleep

Make lullabies your best ally when putting your baby to sleep with these 10 bedtime songs.
Lullabies for babies to fall asleep easily.

There are not many things that relax a baby as lullabies do. Bedtime songs are used around the world to help babies fall asleep

Baby lullabies can delight little ones for small naps as well as deep sleeping at night. In the following article, you are going to find 10 lullabies in case you have run out of ideas and so you can expand your repertoire. 

What are lullabies?

Lullabies (also called good-night songs, bedtime songs or cradlesongs) are short musical compositions destined to make the little ones fall asleep easily. In many of them, we can find a melancholic tone that makes them even more beautiful.

Lullabies lyrics can be very varied, but most of them talk about sleep time, making them the perfect bridge between the waking state and sleeping. There are many lullabies popularly known in each culture due to their oral transmission from one generation to another.

Their vocal combinations, the metrics, the melody, and the rhythm, together with the rocking movement of the cradle or your arms, will favor the baby to end up in Morpheus hands to enter the wonderful and sweet world of dreams (even in the cases of the smallest troublemakers at bedtime).

Would you like to learn new lullabies? I bet you know loads of them, but we might be able to help you expand your repertoire, so keep reading!

10 lullabies for babies

In the following list, we are going to show you 10 different lullabies to help you when putting your baby to sleep. Choose any bedtime song you want and make sure you do not fall asleep before him/her!

1 Rock-a-bye Baby

Who hasn't sung this song before? This is one of the most common lullabies ever. It is a very traditional bedtime song for babies to fall asleep, not only in English speaking countries but also in other parts of the world, where the melody is the same; they only change the lyrics. 

There are different versions of the song that have changed over time, but the chorus of the most common version today is:

Rock-a-bye baby, on the tree tops,
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock,
When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall,
And down will come baby, cradle and all.

Read the full lyrics for this song here or just sing along with this video. 

2 Hush, Little Baby

This is another traditional lullaby. This song is about a mother or a father (both versions exist) who offers rewards to the baby if they stay quiet and go to sleep. Here you have some verses of the song:

Hush, little Baby, don't say a word,
Mama's / Papa's gonna buy you a Mockingbird.

And if that mockingbird don't sing,
Mama's / Papa's gonna buy you a diamond ring.


Read the full lyrics here or just sing along with this video. 

3 Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

This well-known lullaby is from a poem by Ann and Jane Taylor. As a good-night song, its lyrics talk about a little star that shines at night. It has a very calm melody, ideal for putting your baby to sleep.

Here is the main chorus of the song and poem:

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

How I wonder what you are!

Up above the world so high,

Like a diamond in the sky.

Read the full lyrics of this wonderful poem or just sing along with this video. 

4 My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean

This song is a Scottish traditional song, and although its origins are unknown, it is said the "Bonnie" mentioned in the song could be Bonnie Prince Charlie (Charles Edward Stuart).

Nowadays, it is sung as a cradlesong because it has a sweet and calm melody for the little ones to surrender to. Here are the main lyrics of this song. 

My Bonnie lies over the ocean
My Bonnie lies over the sea
My Bonnie lies over the ocean
Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me...
Bring back, bring back
Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me, to me
Bring back, bring back
Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me

Read the complete song lyrics here or just sing along with this video. 

5 Go To Sleep My Baby

This is one of the sweetest lullabies for babies. The soft rhythm and melody are key for them to easily fall asleep. The song encourages the baby to go to sleep while the angels watch over for them in the sky.

Although there are a few different versions of this song, here you can read the most common verses of this cute baby song:

Go to sleep my baby,

Close your little eyes,

Angels up above you, 

Peering at your dreamy from the skies.

 Sing along to put your baby to sleep with this video. 

6 Sweet Dreams

This is a beautiful lullaby to sing to your baby; to remind them you love them and wishing them a good night full of sweet dreams. Here you can read some of the lyrics:

Goodnight to you. Goodnight to me.

Now close your eyes and go to sleep.

Goodnight. Sleep tight.

Sweet dreams tonight.

Goodnight. I love you.

Watch this cute video and sing along.

7 My Grandfather’s Clock

This is a song from 1876 written by Henry Clay Work. It is sung from a grandson's point of view, in which he talks about his grandad and the clock that starts working when the man is born and stops with his death. It is probably not the most cheering song for children, but it has such a calm rhythm that it is nowadays sung as a lullaby for babies to go to sleep

Here you have the main chorus of the song:

Ninety years without slumbering 
(tick, tock, tick, tock),

His life's seconds numbering,
(tick, tock, tick, tock),

It stopped short —never to go again—

When the old man died.

To read the full lyrics of the song click here or sing along with the following video.

8 Puff, The Magic Dragon

This is a traditional song which was created from the poem written by Peter Yarrow and Leonard Lipton. The group "Peter, Paul and Mary" started singing the song in 1962. It has been translated into many languages, but the original song was the English version. The story of the song is about a Dragon called Puff who has a friend, Jackie Paper, who looks after it and plays with it when he is a child, but loses interest as he grows older.

Many parents around the world sing this song to their babies when getting them to sleep. Here you have the two main verses of this nursery rhyme.

Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea
And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honahlee

To read the full lyrics click here or watch this video to sing along.

9 You Are My Sunshine

"You Are My Sunshine" is an American popular song from 1939, written by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell. It is a very soft and lovely song which will remind your little baby how much they mean to you and how much you love them, while they go to sleep. 

Read the main chorus of the song:

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You'll never know, dear, how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away

If you want to read the whole song lyrics click here or follow them on this video. 

10 Baby Mine

Last but not least, this sweet lullaby from the Disney movie, Dumbo, is a good option if you want your baby to calm down and fall asleep. In the movie, Dumbo's mother signs it to him as a good-night song, just as you can do to your babies. The song aims to strengthen and point out the bond between mother and child. 

Here you have the first part of this sweet bedtime song:

Baby mine, don't you cry

Baby mine, dry your eyes

Rest your head close to my heart

Never to part, baby of mine

Read the full lyrics here and don't forget to watch this video from the recent new Dumbo movie and sing along. 

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