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14 Fun Couple Games For Valentine's Day

Try these fun Valentine's day couple games and spend an exciting and romantic day with your significant other

couple games
Discover 14 fun couple games to play with your significant other on Valentine's day

Couple games are an essential yet overlooked part of a couple's dynamic.  Adult games allow us to get to know our partner better, improve communication, combat boredom, and the most significant bit of all - have fun — what better time to start playing some sexy games if not in February, the month of love. 

We have compiled a list of 14 couple games that you and your partner can enjoy in the days leading up to Valentine's day, or perhaps on the very day, if you decide to spend it at home, in a romantic setting. 

Why play a couple games?

Monotony doesn't tend to be a good ally for couples and too much routine and boredom could take away from the excitement we feel for our partners. Studies have concluded that doing activities together with your partner, especially dynamic ones, helps strengthen your connection  and not only from a sexual standpoint. 


Games and challenges are not reserved only for children.  There are many adult games which will keep you entertained for hours at an end, and what's most important, these games can facilitate a better, more intimate communication and ultimately help both of you enjoy the relationship more. 


14 fun couple games for valentine's day

Nothing lasts forever, is what they say but this shouldn't be an excuse to let boredom invade your relationship. Adult games and different fun couple activities are vital to maintaining a fresh couple dynamic  and a healthy dose of sensuality between you and your partner. We will introduce 14 different games and activities that you and your loved one can try this Valentine's day, or on any other day that you feel like the magic between you is escaping. 


1. Role reversal 

This fun game allows you to grow closer to your partner  and become more empathetic. The premise of the game is simple; you have to swap roles and pretend you're the other person. It's an exciting game as most of the time we are not aware of our behavior and mannerisms, and this way we gain more awareness of both ourselves as well as our partner. 


2. Romantic post-it

This is a simple yet very passionate game. All you have to do is get some post-it pads and take turns leaving each other cute messages around the house, or you could write down things you love about the other person. This activity will unlock your creativity and remind both of you why you chose to commit to each other. The surprises are guaranteed, and your love bond will be even greater. 


3. Daredevil challenge

A game for those who feel daring and adventurous, the idea behind this activity is to challenge your partner to get outside of their comfort zone. Just fill up a big bowl with challenges you're written on bits of paper and then take turns picking some out. Some fun ideas would be to  go outside in a silly costume, shout something random out the window, or play a prank on a friend. 


4. Drunk never have I ever 

Getting drunk with your partner is one of the most intimate things you can do, especially when you don't feel like going out. All you need to do is pick never have I ever questions and  take turns with your partner at answering. Who knows, perhaps you'll learn something new about them. 


5. Shopping challenge 

The challenge consists of going to a shopping center and buying special clothes like sexy lingerie or evening wear you had meant to get for a while. This can be a fun way of getting to know your individual tastes better and also finding something naughty to play with (perhaps some new sex toys) at home.  



6. Couple quizzes

This fun activity is ideal if you're a new couple and you want to know each other better, but it's also interesting for partners that have been together a while. You can start with easy, silly questions and progress toward more adventurous questions. 


interesting questions
Adult games can be played both in the intimacy of your home as well as outdoors

7. Interesting questions

Following the dynamic of the previous game, you and your significant other could go into more serious debates and discuss things that both of you hold dear, perhaps situations and events that have made you who you are. You can try a few of the questions on this list.  


8. Gymkhana games

If you're a dynamic couple, you can try and set up a few game routes around the house, Gymkhana style. You can  place obstacles around the house  and race each other to a deadline to win a prize. This can be a romantic dinner, a present, or a sexy night in. 


9. Romantic arts and crafts

The fun doesn't have to be limited to one day. You and your significant other could each make coupons with activities or treats that you can "cash in" on the weekends or on another day when you feel like you could do with a hug or a gentle back massage. 


10. Special days

Have a planner somewhere visible around the house and make sure that you spend at least one day a week doing things outside. Either go to the movies or do exercise, pick up a new hobby. Whatever it is, it will take you two out of the house and give you an opportunity to learn new things and enjoy each other's company. 


11. Sex games

What better way to spend an evening inside than with some sexy, sexy games.  What do you think about tantric sex?  Or perhaps you can try some new sex toys or fantasies? Let your imagination run free and enjoy the sensual pleasures of a fun night in with your loved one. 


12. Wishlist

Couples always say they'd like to do this, or the other but most of the time they forget about all the plans they wanted to make. Why not put together a wish list? Instead of letting these ideas pass you by, each time one of you comes up with a romantic or adventurous plan, quick, write it down and make sure you tick it off by the end of the year (if possible, of course). 


13. Musical games

Let the music play! Pick your favorite playlist and let your hair down, dance, jump, skip, be silly! It will release tension and help you two get closer. Who knows how sensual the night might end up being.


14. Body painting

This couple game brings together many fun elements that you two can enjoy. Be as creative as you want and make sure to go to specialized arts and crafts stores that have edible body paint. You never know how inspired you'll be.  To offer more inspiration, we have below a video of other  6 fun party games for couples or teams. Good luck!


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