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A Renowned Virologist Reveals What He Has Stopped Doing Even After Being Vaccinated

Anthony Fauci explains where he is still afraid to go to

The pandemic has inevitably become part of our daily lives. And, with the arrival of coronavirus, so did one of the factors that is currently on the rise among the population: vaccination. From the outset, experts have been studying the virus and the vaccines that can help us curb the pandemic.

In the wake of the arrival of coronavirus, many of us have been listening to the words of scientists, doctors and experts, and have begun to follow their recommendations. 

Anthony Fauci is a doctor specialized in immunology and part of the White House Coronavirus Task Force. This prestigious expert has explained on several occasions that, during the pandemic, his social life has been practically non-existent. 

In fact, the expert explained that, even in winter, when he met with his neighbors, he did so outdoors, wearing a mask and respecting the safety distance. 

On December 22nd last year, the expert was vaccinated and now, according to The Huffington Post, he has explained to Business Insiderwhat he has stopped or started to do, and what things in his life have not changed at all after getting the vaccine. 

Closed and crowded spaces

One of the things that have changed for the expert are get-togethers with friends. They can now hold them indoors, and he admits that they feel "very comfortable in the house with no masks". But... what happens when, instead of their friends, he shares space with strangers?

The expert explained that, even with the vaccine, he would not enter any place that is closed and crowded with people who do not wear masks.

In fact, the expert has explained that he still does not go to eat inside a restaurant or movie theater for this very reason, as people remove their masks to eat. "That would still be of concern to me" explained the expert. 

For his part, he also stressed that he has no plans to travel: "I don't really see myself going on any fun trips for a while".

In addition to this, Fauci explained that his life has not changed that much since he was vaccinated. For him, vaccination is not a "green light" to return to the countless activities we did before the pandemic.

Continue to comply with the measures

We recall that approximately 3 million doses are being administered on a daily basis in the United States. However, cases of coronavirus continue to increase in 18 states. Michigan is one of the locations that is faring the worst due to coronavirus, as Business Insider explains, daily cases have increased fourfold in the last month. 

"It's kind of a race between the vaccine and the possibility that there'll be another surge," Fauci explained. He also emphasized that the more patience one has in returning to 'normal life', the less likely it is that cases will increase again. 

The expert also explained that vaccinated Americans should continue to wear masks in public, as well as avoid gatherings and continue to respect social distance until it is known that vaccinated people cannot transmit the virus.

"If we could just hold on for a while, we'll reach a point where the protection of the general community by the vaccine would really make it very unlikely that we're going to have another surge," explained Fauci, stressing that we must be patient.

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