Big step against Coronavirus: The first 'effective' drug is announced

Russia announces that Afivavir "is the most promising medicine for treating COVID-19 worldwide"

As the days go by, there is a lot of news published about the medicines needed to treat the coronavirus. In the last few days, Afivavir, the first antiviral drug to treat COVID-19 registered by the Russian Ministry of Health after showing great effectiveness during clinical trials, has come to light. The good news was announced a few hours ago by the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF).  

"The Afivavir has been developed and tested in record time"

"Afivavir is not only the first antiviral drug registered in Russia to treat coronavirus but perhaps the most promising medicine to cure COVID-19 worldwide," said RDIF Managing Director, Kiril Dmitriev, in a brief statement from the organization.  

According to Kiril Dmitriev, this promising drug was developed and clinically tested "in record time," making it the first medicine based on favipiravir (an antiviral developed in Japan), globally registered.  

The Afivavir "will only be used in hospitals under medical observation"

The last stage of the drug's clinical trial, which includes 330 patients in this final process, is currently underway. Afivavir, according to RDIF, has shown enormous effectiveness in affecting the reproductive mechanisms of COVID-19.  

On the other hand, the fund itself admitted through its director that this drug is "categorically contraindicated" for pregnant women and for those who are in the process of family planning.  

Last but not least, RDIF said that initially, this medicine will not be on sale in pharmacies and "will only be used in hospitals under medical observation," detailed the Russian Direct Investment Fund.

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