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Coronavirus: The photo that shows it arrived much earlier than you think

According to the images, COVID-19 would be circulating in Wuhan since August 2019

The origin of Coronavirus remains an undiscovered mystery. So far, several investigations and authorities around the world have questioned the Chinese Government's official version of the origin of the pandemic. 

Asian authorities were slow in alerting the World Health Organization (WHO) of the severity of the disease, and there are many cases of Chinese doctors being silenced for raising their voices against what they considered a tremendously strange virus. 

Today, the origin of Coronavirus is located between late December 2019 and early January 2020 in the city of Wuhan, China.

The virus would be circulating from August 2019

As if that were not enough, a recent study by Harvard Medical School in Boston (USA) has shown that  COVID-19 could have been circulating in Wuhan (China) since last August.

This is a conclusion reached after analyzing satellite images of parking lots in the Chinese city hospitals and through Internet searches for symptoms characteristic of the new Coronavirus.

Wuhan hospital parking lots images
The study analyzed more than 200 satellite images of Wuhan's hospital parking lots. | HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL

After analysing more than 200 photographs taken between 9 January 2018 and 30 April 2020, the researchers were able to ascertain that there was an increase in visits to hospitals from August onwards. 

In addition, during this same period, there was an increase in Internet searches on coughs and diarrhoea symptoms.

Wuhan Wet Market - the epicenter of the pandemic?

However, the research goes much further and questions whether the epicentre of the pandemic was the Wuhan Wet Market. 

According to the analysis carried out by experts, the virus could have been circulating before being detected in this market, which is now considered the first outbreak of infection. 

Although they have not delved into this issue, researchers do support their findings with other specific studies that have identified several points in the city as initial outbreaks of the virus.

Despite the research, the experts prefer to be cautious and point out that the results are not decisive. The increase in hospital visits and Internet searches may be related to other factors.

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