Two hands, one from an elderly man and another one of an elderly woman

Hands and feet: The least known symptom of Coronavirus

It's very important to know this in order to find out if you are infected with Covid-19

Fever, having trouble breathing, dry cough, and even diarrhoea are several of the main symptoms that indicate someone has coronavirus. However, it is important to know that there are some patients who have had another symptom that is much less common, but that should also be taken into account: rashes on hands and feet.

In particular, studies carried out so far by dermatologists on COVID-19 have shown that around 20% of people with COVID-19 have presented this type of skin lesions. This has been mentioned in an article in the 'Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology'.

It is also mentioned that, on many occasions, these rashes were itchy or painful and that on other occasions they have become a kind of bruise. However, it has been indicated that in any case, all of them are of a mild nature, with the exception of very specific cases.

At the moment, Spanish dermatologists are investigating this symptom  in order to draw as many conclusions as possible about it and to get a record and classification of the skin lesions that patients with coronavirus have presented. This study is being carried out by Alba Catalá Gonzalo (Hospital Plató de Barcelona), Cristina Galvás Casas (Hospital Universitario de Mostoles) and Gregorio Carretero (Hospital Universitario Gran Canaria Doctor Negrín).

Thanks to this study, as well as to those being carried out in other parts of Europe, it will be possible to know which skin lesions may indicate that someone has COVID-19, even if they don’t have other symptoms of the aforementioned virus. Moreover, if these skin lesions are classified, it could tell which are the most serious patients  and thus be able to take action faster.

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