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Scientists find a possible cure for Coronavirus and it is not a vaccine

This treatment may help immunize people against Covid-19

A laboratory in China is working to create a drug that will immunize people from the effects of SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus. According to "Crónica Global", this is an antibody treatment that could be ready even before the coronavirus vaccine.

The effects, already tested on mice, have given positive results according to the Center for Advanced Innovation in Genomics of Peking University. Laboratory director, Sunney Xie, said: "After five days the viral load is reduced". In addition, he does not rule out that the treatment may help immunize people against Covid-19.

How have they carried out the project?

According to the study, published in the journal 'Cell' this past Sunday,  the use of proteins against SARS-CoV-2 could be of vital importance for the development of a recovery method in coronavirus patients.

The research has been carried out by isolating antibodies, which prevent the infection of the virus, from 60 patients who have overcome the disease. These antibodies have been applied to healthy mice and, over the days, specialists have warned that the animals remained uninfected.

It could be used on humans this 2020

According to the study, the drug has 14 mass-produced antibodies in laboratories and is scheduled for the human trial phase. They added that this phase will be carried out in Australia.

The laboratory director has faith that, if the trials go ahead and give favourable results, the treatment could be ready for use in humans in 2020. 

If he is right, it could be useful if there is a resurgence of Covid-19 pandemic in the population. But, in any case, it would come before the arrival of the coronavirus vaccine, which so far the best forecasts predict will be in 2021.

[This is a translation of the original article "Científicos encuentran una posible cura para el coronavirus sin vacuna" published in espanadiario.net]