Korean skin care

Korean Skin Care: The Best Beauty Products And Makeup

A list of Korean skin care products and makeup from brands like Soko Glam and Saranghae.

Korean skin care
Discover the best Korean skin care products including face masks, eye creams, and makeup.

South Korean cosmetics have been gaining support on a global scale and starting with BB cream, Korean skin care has burst into the world of makeup and skincare.

From Korean face masks to makeup, eye cream, and quality cosmetics, this beauty industry has gone from online stores to physical stores like Soko Glam, Saranghae, and Peach and Lily.

In this article, we'll take a look at what Korean skin care is and why it's become so popular lately. We'll also list the best Korean makeup and skincare brands, the most popular products, and the stores where you can find them.

What is Korean skin care?

In Korea, skincare is very important, and that's why there are all kinds of beauty products dedicated to this cause. Many think that Asians have naturally soft and supple skin, but they also work hard to achieve this appearance.

Makeup removal at night to avoid pore obstruction and get rid of impurities is a must of Korean skin care. Plus, exfoliants to get rid of dead skin cells and maintain a natural shine; serums and tonics are an essential step in this routine; as well as Korean masks made of cloth to help products absorb into the skin more effectively.

All of these products use high concentration formulas with natural active ingredients to care for the skin.

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Why choose Korean cosmetics?

Even though at first it seemed like a passing trend, over time, Korean skin care products have become a part of many people's daily routines.

These products are so successful because you get value for your money and since they always offer unique and innovative alternatives to traditional cosmetics and these products are highly successful.

Where to buy Korean skin care products and makeup

You can find a lot of Korean skin care products online at stores like Soko Glam, Saranghae, and Peach and Lily. Besides, you can always pick these products up on Amazon and at popular stores like CVS, Sephora, or Boots.

The best Korean beauty products

Korean skin care products are unique and steadily growing in demand. So, below, we present you with the most interesting best-selling products, popular for both their adorable packaging and effectiveness.

1. Korean face mask

The Korean face mask is a significant landmark when it comes to this type of beauty product, and there are tons to choose from.

You can even find masks that look like animals, Bubble masks, Sparkling masks with carbonated water or 3D masks with different applications for a facelift effect. 

Its price ranges from 2 to 6 euros, and even though you can buy them individually, there are also packs available. You can find all of the available types here at Saranghae.


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2. Korean makeup

Korean makeup is a natural, simple look which includes smooth skin, natural eyes and that famous tinge of color with beautiful Korean lip tints.

To achieve this look you need to use BB cream which gives the skin a smooth appearance without seeming artificial, correctors, and translucent powder compacts to seal and mattify the makeup.

Korean makeup also uses cream eyeliner, and endless shades of lip tint  which help wearers to get a natural look and besides, it's long-lasting. Click here to see Korean makeup products from jsm Beauty.


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3. Best Korean eye cream and patches

Hydro gel patches and eye creams are some of the most in-demad Korean makeup products. These are best for the under eye area although you can also apply them to other regions of the body.

These patches calm, refresh, and soften the skin around the eyes and some can even lighten under eye circles slightly.

Patches usually come in packs with 60 to 120 units so you'll have plenty that will last you for quite a while.

Peach and Lily makes excellent Gold Black Pearl Hydrogel Eye Masks that fight the signs of aging and contain minerals, amino acids, and proteins, and you can find them here.

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4. Lip masks

These are a huge success in Korea. The concept is the same as a face mask, but for your lips.  These patches are super cute, and some shops even make them shaped like animals or lips, and they work to regenerate and hydrate your lips on a deep level.

These Korean masks contain nutrients and moisturizers like avocado oil and hyaluronic acid, along with other active ingredients.

The instructions for use are practically the same as for standard face masks. You can find a Pomegranate Collagen Lip Mask in an adorable lip shape if you want to try this beauty routine.


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5. Serum

Korean serums are made to treat a wide variety of specific skin-related problems. This is another top Korean makeup product that can help to moisturize the skin and make it more luminous or treat dark spots, marks or other issues related to aging. These all contain active ingredients for treatment.

Peach and Lily makes a very popular serum called the Lotus Leaf and Aloe Calming Serum available on their website.

This is the perfect summertime serum to protect the skin from sun damage. Plus, the aloe it contains help to calm and cool off hot skin, leaving your complexion bright and beautiful.


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