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Could Gambling Addiction Be Cured By a Nasal Spray?

Some Finnish scientists researched nasal spray's efficacy in treating this addiction with interesting results

Most betting firms urge punters to bet responsibly. You should gamble with your disposable income. Yet, some people don't create a budget for betting. More than 2 million British citizens suffer from gambling addiction, according to a study by the UK Gambling Commission. Recently, some Finland scientists researched nasal spray's efficiency in treating gambling addiction. Here is an insight into the research.

What is a Nasal Spray?

The nasal spray is a substance that contains naloxone. Doctors use it to administer emergency treatment to people who have taken overdoses of heroin, opium, and morphine. The compound blocks the brain from producing dopamine. High production of dopamine causes you to feel relaxed. Previous studies have shown that nasal spray can treat certain addictive behaviors. Hannu Alho, a professor of addiction medicine at the National Institute for Health and Welfare in Finland created the nasal spray. He said that it reaches the brain shortly after a physician administers it. It reduces the urge to gamble.

Recently, Finnish researchers conducted a study on medicinal products that can treat addiction. They discovered that 2.7 percent of Finnish punters older than 15 years struggle with an online gambling addiction in their lifetime. Some gamblers have mild addiction while others have chronic addiction. The scientists created a nasal spray that will help in treating gambling addiction. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of the nasal spray in America in 2015.

Rehabilitation centers use it during emergency opiate treatment. Hannu shared the formula he used when creating the spray with other health facilities. He stated in a recent interview that his institution produced a pill containing naloxone. But, it wasn't as powerful as a nasal spray. The pill lasts for an hour before your body absorbs it while nasal spray works within a few minutes. Hannu said that the national institute will soon perform an experiment involving 130 people. Of these, 65 punters will use the nasal spray for three months while the rest will use a placebo for three months.

The Nasal Spray Experiment

Finnish researchers at the National Institute for Health and Welfare are searching for 130 participants. They will test the efficiency of nasal spray in treating gambling addiction. The researchers have already found 30 volunteers. Previous studies showed that nasal spray can treat a variety of health conditions. They focused on new health products that act fast once an individual ingests them.

Most gambling addicts have spontaneous urges to bet. They need urgent treatments that will help them control their habits. A pill might not prevent a gambler from placing bets due to their slow absorption rate. Hannu said that they have studies the response rate of the nasal spray at the University of Turku.

Gambling addiction is common among millennials. Some people spend their entire income on bets. Punters who are addicted to gambling cannot stay for more than a week without betting. The addiction causes anxiety and mood disorders. Also, it adversely affects relationships with family and friends. Further research is needed to determine the ability of the nasal spray to treat all gambling addictions.