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10 Stories about Dating Fails

It's not very pleasant to get into a stupid situation in the first date

Love is such a pleasant feeling! When we are in love, we want to meet as soon as possible. A date is always so exciting and embarrassing, especially at the beginning of a relationship. However, each of us sometimes gets into stupid situations.

The best stories about dating fails

But it is one thing to relax and not pay attention to what is said and done being on the best friends date, and it is quite another thing when we are with strangers. And it is very unpleasant to get into a stupid situation on the first date! The heroes of our article just wanted the first meeting with people they like to be perfect, but sometimes it is not so as we want. 

“We were going to the theater with a man. I put on an evening dress, made a haircut, spent 2 hours on makeup. The evening was great. After the performance, we went to him. All the time I caught on myself admiring glances of men and was incredibly proud of myself. Already being at his apartment, I went to the bathroom, and... washed all makeup out of habit. I left the bag outside, so I had to go out. My cavalier was a humorist: he met me with the phrase “Girl, who are you?” 


“My friend really liked one girl. Before getting acquainted, he found out all she could about her: he wanted to surprise her. He came on a date with her favorite flowers, took her to her favorite restaurant, ordered her favorite dishes, and even dressed in the style she likes. During the conversation, he gave all the facts that he knew about her (with all the details). He wanted to please her. The girl ran away from him, shouting “Maniac!”


“He invited me to the restaurant. He met me, kindly helped me take off my fur coat, and handed it to the wardrobe. And then it turned out that it was a corporate party of his company! He danced all evening with some important partners from other cities. I drank tea for 40 minutes, climbed over the side of the wardrobe, stole my fur coat, and left.”

“Once I went on a blind date with a girl. For the whole evening, she didn’t say a word, silently finished her dinner and left. I took my phone and found the message from the girl with whom I had to go on the date. She wrote that she couldn’t come tonight. So, who the hell I had dinner with?!” “He brought his parents on a date (he is 25!!!). Right in the middle of the dinner, his mother asked if I had finished while taking a container for food from the bag and clearly intending to take the remnants of my order home.”


“The guy asked me out on a date in the restaurant, but he constantly left the table, sometimes to go to the toilet. Then he talked on the phone. At some point, the waiter said: “Do you know that he has a date with a blonde in the next room?” He arranged the first two dates at the same time!”

“I am 35 years old and I get acquainted with a man on the Internet. He called me to dinner. We met and he invited me to McDonald’s! He looked so intently what I ordered and how much I ate. And then we went to the park. He sat down on the bench, and then he gave a little phrase: “My ex always ordered a lot less than you.”


“No more meetings from dating sites! In the pictures, he was a pretty man about 35 years old! But some strange dude of 50 years old came to me. When I asked about the photo, he said: “So what? It’s me! These are just old photos. I haven’t changed at all.” Naive…”


“He found me in the Facebook group about magic, superpowers, etc., and asked me to go out. On the Internet, he seemed adequate, and at the meeting, he was rather shy. We walked around the city, discussed some neutral things from the category of news and history until he suddenly gained courage and asked me if I practiced magic. I tried to joke, like, man, we’ve known each other for half an hour, I’m not going to discuss such things right away. Very disappointed, he uttered that I wrote something about witches on my profile and that he hoped to meet a woman who practiced magic.”

“I was already finishing college when I met that sweet girl. In the middle of a date, she said she was thinking of becoming a nun sister a couple of weeks after graduation. At the end of the date, she said that she would definitely be such a woman and I helped her make the final choice. ”


“Right on a date, the guy accidentally sent me the message that was meant for his friend. In it, he wrote that he regretted that he invited me on a date. We both looked at the phone at the same time. The date went on in silence.”