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Male Masturbation: Definition, Benefits And How To Masturbate

Unlike what a lot of people think, masturbation is a healthy habit with many benefits.

Masturbation provides the body with many health benefits such as wellness feeling, favor rest and even protects the organism against infections. Male masturbation -as well as the female one- can be done in different ways and techniques. 

In this article, we will learn what masturbation is, what benefits it has and which are the different masturbation techniques for men. We will also mention some advice about how to masturbate oneself and how to masturbate a man. 

What is masturbation?

Both female and male masturbation is one of the most common sexual practices of human beings. It can be done to oneself (autoeroticism) or another person. Masturbating is any form of sexual self-pleasure obtained through a kind of direct stimulation, and it does not have only to involve the genital organs.  Masturbation is a totally natural human practice that arises from impulses of pleasure and self-satisfaction, which must be fulfilled.


In relation to male masturbation, popularly known as "wanking," it usually starts in puberty and/or at the beginning of adolescence, when the body begins to develop and is associated with a sexual awakening due to a set of psychological and biological changes. There are many false beliefs associated with masturbation that should be wholly demystified. After some time, the body usually finds its own and healthy rhythm concerning the frequency and intensity of autoeroticism.



Benefits of masturbation

As mentioned previously, there are many myths regarding masturbation. There are still some people that ask themselves whether masturbating is bad for you. Well, the answer to that question is that it is not only not bad for your health, but it is good for you to masturbate. In the following lines, we are going to list some of the masturbation benefits, as well as the associated consequences.


1. Prevents infections and pathologies

If we focus on male masturbation, emptying the testicles regularly is necessary and prevents the organism from infections and other types of problems related to the male sexual system and the urogenital tract. It also strengthens the immune system as the seminal, and the ejaculatory tracts circulate outward during autoeroticism.


2. Protective effects against prostate cancer 

There is also research that proves  a protective effect of ejaculation against the development of prostate cancer, especially in men between 20 and 50 years old.


3. Increases sexual response

Although there are false beliefs that say that libido is lost if a person masturbates a lot, the truth is that the opposite is true. Regular and healthy masturbation does not alter at all the sexual response and in some cases -depending on the person- it increases it.



4. Promotes sexual self-awareness

Masturbating oneself allows sexual self-knowledge and in the case of male masturbation, to know which is the "no return" point. This can help to improve ejaculatory control and exercise it in some way. Also, the more erections there are, the more oxygenated the tissues of the penis will be, and consequently the erectile function of the penis will be greater.


5. Has a relaxing effect

Psychologically, autoeroticism generates a liberation of some complex chemical substances called neurotransmitters, that like dopamine, are associated with wellbeing feeling in our body. In many occasions, it is related to a reduction of stress levels, as well as a calm effect and an intense relief. In the same way, masturbation helps the body regulate its arousal mechanisms. 


6. Improves sleep

The cerebral cortex rests upon orgasm. Subsequently, other brain areas secrete chemical substances that facilitate sleep. Among the neurotransmitters released during orgasm, oxytocin and vasopressin are substances that are related to sleep and are generally secreted along with melatonin. 

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7. Improves relationships

Although it is believed that masturbation is only an obstacle in the sexual life of a couple, the truth is the opposite. Masturbating favors good sex in a relationship.  It helps us to know what we like in sex and what we do not, as well as to understand what the other person's preferences are. Sexual intimacy and autoeroticism is necessary for a person and must always be cultivated. It is essential to lose taboos and recognize masturbation as a natural practice that, done as a couple can improve the quality, frequency, and intensity of sexual intercourse.



Male masturbation techniques

Male masturbation can be done in different ways, and it is not only about doing the typical linear movement on the penis. To learn other different ways, now we are going to mention some male masturbation techniques


1. To promote erection

When the penis is in its flaccid state, there is  a type of masturbation indicated to promote erection more easily. The trunk of the penis should be held in one hand, and the other hand should be placed on top of the glans. The hand at the top will be in charge of making the linear movement up and down to increase excitement and promote the erection, preventing it from going down.


2. The traditional way

The best-known technique is to make upward and downward movements from the base of the penis to the glans. Some men prefer this movement only at the top, while there are others who opt for the entire route. It can be done using both hands, complementing the movements without stopping moving them. As well as to place them at the same time -one above and another below- and moving them in the same direction.

3. Thread-shaped

This type of masturbation is a kind of personal technique, but it can be enjoyable. It consists of intertwining your hands and placing the member in the middle. The pressure exerted on this form of masturbation is optional, as is the type of movement.


4. For premature ejaculation

This way of masturbating is done by doing normal masturbation, i.e., the typical linear movements with one hand but when the feeling you are going to ejaculate starts, the movement should stop automatically.  Once the orgasm sensation is low, the movement is resumed and so on.


5. Rotatory

It is a combination of the previous ones. You just have to move your hand -or hands- in circles towards the sides of the penis, while you go up and down with your hand. It can also be combined with the thread-shaped technique. 



How to masturbate oneself

We have already seen different ways of masturbating and practicing autoeroticism. However, it is always good to know how to masturbate better, as well as different tricks to make these moments more enjoyable.


1. Help yourself with your fingers

With your index and thumb, you can make some kind of rings and carry out linear movements. Just before getting to the orgasm, if you grab your testicles and you press on them, you will feel the way the semen goes before coming out. 


2. Use lubes and gels

Lubes are intimate products that are not only recommended for female masturbation. In male one, it can favor any position when masturbating and it can also make it more soft and pleasant.



3. Alternate hands

It is not only a matter of using one hand, but it is also good to try different ways of masturbating, as we have mentioned before. While one can exert a stronger pressure, the other one can make softer movements, for example.


4. Find the ideal rhythm and movements

You can apply different rhythms and movements in the different moments in the process of masturbating. If you experiment with the times,  you will know when and what to do as you prefer, there is not only one way to do it.


5. Use sex toys

There are many sex toys for men that can be used for male masturbation, such as different shapes and sizes rings or masturbators to give autoeroticism a special touch. 


How to masturbate a man

To find out how to do the best masturbation, here are  some tricks and basic rules. They can be complemented with all the information that we have already mentioned in this article.


1. Each man is different

Although there are some standard rules for male masturbation, each person is different. Some men have more sensitivity in the glands and need softer touches, and others who like to masturbate in a faster or stronger way. The best thing to do if you are not sure is to ask their preferences, so you can stimulate them the best way you can. 


2. Play with his testicles

Even though some men have too much sensitivity and prefer not to be stimulated by their testicles, there are some men that love it.  The best thing to do is to start by holding them lightly with one hand, stroking them gently at first.  They can also be stimulated with the mouth while masturbating the penis with one hand.


3. Lubricate

Lubrication is important in male masturbation and if you do not have lubes you could use saliva instead. Many people find it really exciting if it is done naturally. 


4. Imitate the movements of a mouth

Up and down movements can never go wrong, although those sweet and short movements focusing on the glands are usually preferred. It could also be useful to imitate a mouth with both hands, going down with light pressure with one hand until reaching almost the bottom, doing linear movements, while with the other you massage the glans gently.


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