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45 Naughty Sex Questions For Guys And Girls

Discover the hottest 45 sex questions to ask a girl or a boy

There are certain sex questions that help us get to know our partner and friends better but because sometimes these naughty questions can result difficult to ask, we have come up with 45 funny ways of asking these racy questions. The list we have prepared includes  some of the juiciest, hottest sex questions that you can ask your significant other or your friends if you want to spice up a movie night or a party. 


45 naughty sex questions for guys and girls

If you were interested in discovering the 45 steamiest sex questions to ask a girl or a boy, you have come to the right place.  The following questions can also be used in a round of "Never have I ever" games. 


1. Would you have sex with me?

Although this may not be the best question to ask when wanting to know someone new, it certainly is  a bold one. Better cut to the chase than keep wondering. 


2. Which part of my body do you like most?

My eyes, my mouth, my breasts. Depending on the answer the other person gives you and the tone of the conversation, this sexy question could lead to  a rise in temperature. 


3. What type of underwear do you have on right now?

This is a naughty and uncomfortable question but it does have its appeal. Imagine if the other person says that they're going commando (aka. not wearing any undergarments)? 



4. Have you ever had a "wet dream" about someone who is present?

These sex questions can also be used when playing "Truth or Dare". Who knows if that friend you've always fancied has ever dreamt about you in a passionate setting. 


5. Do you like oral sex?

Some people don't really enjoy giving or receiving oral sex, which is why this is  a good ice-breaker when playing with your friends. 



6. What is your biggest sexual fantasy

As difficult as they may be to fulfill,  we all have sexual fantasies. The more we know about our partner in this respect, the better we'll be able to enjoy a healthy and satisfying sex life. 


7. What turns you on the most in bed?

Asking this sex question to our partner could prove very helpful. Licking a certain body part, practicing a specific position, using sex toys..knowing your partner's preferences is vital in enjoying a rich sexual life together. 


8. How and when did you have your first sexual experience?

Although the first times can be disappointing, knowing these details can result entertaining and can give way to other, more spicy details. 


9. What type of porn turns you on the most?

They say that  the porn you watch describes your sexual style. What better sex question to ask than this? Once you find out, you can organize a night in of watching videos, and who knows, maybe you'll end up copying some of the positions you see in the X rated clips. 


10. Lights on or off?

You can also prefer to have a dimmed light on, other people enjoy having the lights on so they see everything that is happening while some prefer to have the lights off and  feel better in the comfort of darkness. 


11. Which is the most unusual outdoor place where you've had sex in?

This is one of the most common sex questions and it's extremely fun as you might discover some common places where you and your friends have acted in a naughty way.


12. What is your favorite foreplay?

An interesting question and one to remember for later. Foreplay is an important part of sex  and knowing what the other person prefers is a must. 


13. Do you like to dominate or be dominated?

Or maybe you prefer a middle point? Imagine if both of you prefer to lead, it can culminate in a steamy fight to take over control. 


14. Which part of my body would you eat whipped cream off of?

Whipped cream or whatever other food you prefer:  Nutella, chocolate, yogurt, or milk, it's always a fun choice as long as you avoid any food allergies. Make sure to include temperature play, cold and hot ingredients, to raise the excitement level. 



15. Do you watch porn with your partner?

Watching porn with your partner is  beneficial for the health of your sex life  especially when routine takes over. This sex question can help you find out new things and perhaps discover new things to please each other in bed. 


A woman hiding his laughing mouth with his hands
Asking naughty questions can help us get closer to our partners | PixaBay

16. How often do you masturbate?

Both female and male masturbation is an important aspect of a person's sexuality so don't be surprised if some people masturbate daily, it's extremely healthy. 


17. Have you ever had a threesome?

You could also switch this question up, and if they answer "no" you could ask if they want to have a threesome. 


18. Would you do a threesome with me?

If the previous answer is positive, dare to ask if they would be interested in having a threesome with you. Who knows how your day will end. 


19. Do you like to talk dirty?

No everyone likes to talk during sex, but for those who do,  it is quite exciting  depending on the type of "dirty talk" you engage in.


20. What was the most embarrassing moment you've had in bed?

Although more difficult than sexy, this question helps take the edge off of so many steamy recounts and offers a humorous outlet.  


21. What was your most exciting sexual experience?

The primary element here is to go in  as many details as possible and raise the temperature in the room. 


22. Do you use/Would you like to use sex toys?

There is a multitude of sex toys that can be used during intercourse: male masturbators, clitoris sucking vibrators, remote control sex toys, it's only a matter of choosing the one that fits you best. 



23. Would you try BDSM?

The acronym refers to all the sexual practices that include bondage, discipline, dominance, and submission. This is an ideal sex question designed to uncover hidden preferences. 


24. What are your favorite sex positions?

Knowing someone's favorite sex position can help paint a picture of them, but it can also give us insight into how we could adapt our style to their preferences. 


25. From 1-10, what would you score yourself in bed?

Are you an expert or do you lack some practice? This question has a very racy second half which requires the person in question to demonstrate their proficiency level.


26. Have you ever had anal sex?

Anal sex can be very satisfying if done correctly.  Would the other person like to try it in case they never have? 


27. How would you make me orgasm?

Women can reach climax without penetration. This question is imaginative and very steamy, it could make you crave the things you hear and want them to take place immediately.  


28. How would you have sex with me right now?

Following the previous question, this one will seal the deal. What positions and fantasies would the other person like to try with you? 


29. What would you like someone else to do to you right now?

What about vice versa? What would they like that you did to them? Why not start right now?


30. What would you do if I were tied up?

This is the perfect sex question if you come across someone who enjoys domination. 


31. Have you ever role-played in bed?

Would you like to role play in bed? As what? There are couples who relish in couple role play and erotic games. 



32. Would you like to have sex with me right now?

Loud and clear. We don't want to know their intentions, only if they'd be willing to  get down and dirty right here and now. 


33. Have you ever had cybersex?

Either in a video call or in a cam room, have they ever done it?


34. Have you ever sent sexy pictures of yourself?

Sexting has become a phenomenon and many people enjoy sending sexy pictures of themselves. To avoid problems, we recommend only sending them to people you trust and always deleting them after you've sent/seen them


35. Do you like tender or rough sex?

A fun night out with your friends is not complete without asking them about their preferred sexual style. Do they like it rough or gentle? You need to know!


36. Would you try something different in bed?

We will let you decide what those "different" things can be...trying anal sex, experimenting BDSM, or others. 


37. How many times a week would you like to have sex?

This is one of the most private questions you can ask, and you might be surprised to discover that not everyone has the same necessities. 


38. Could you show me how you do oral sex?

The fun part about this sex question is to have a penis-shaped banana that the other person can use as a prop or a fig/mandarin to simulate female oral sex on.


39. Have you ever done a rim job?

A rimjob consists of performing oral sex on the other person's anus - a sexual act enjoyed by many. Who knows, if they're a "tossing the salad" expert perhaps they will be more than happy to engage in anal play with you. 


Un hombre tocando el culo a una mujer en una escena íntima en blanco y negro
These hot sex questions are ideal to ask on a fun night with your partner or friends | PixaBay

40. Would you have sex with one of your friend's mother or father?

Having fantasies with the parent of a friend is quite common, have any of the people present ever experienced it?


41. What type of sexy lingerie turns you on the most?

Seethrough, lace, or nothing at all? This could give you a good indication of what the person likes and you could surprise them the next time you have a passionate encounter. 


42. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve thought about while masturbating?

From your favorite actor or actress to former colleagues and bosses, what makes your friends "tick" when masturbating? 


43. Who gave you your biggest orgasm and how was it?

A good orgasm is never forgotten and an accurate description of that occasion can offer insights into how to repeat it. 



44. Have you ever masturbated thinking about me?

This is another extremely private question, and you can also confess to having thought about the person in question - you never know where it might take you.


45. Has any of these questions turned you on?

The final and most important question - have any of these questions turned you on? Why wait when you can  turn your biggest fantasies into reality.