Oral sex

Oral Sex: Positions, Tips And Risks

Learn about the most common oral sex positions and basic tips to improve this practice.

Oral sex is a basic practice that is the icing on the cake of our sexual relations. The attitude, the technique and the emphasis we put on doing it are the basic rules to practice the best blowjob or cunnilingus and to get as much pleasure as possible. If you want to improve your technique, read this article. You will find the best tips to know how to make good oral sex to both men and women. We will also see what it is and the risks.

What is oral sex?

Oral intercourse is a type of sexual practice in which the genitals —both female and male— are stimulated by using different areas of the body such as the lips, tongue, and mouth, although it can be complemented with the use of fingers or sex toys. Below are the most common types:



The first type of oral sex corresponds to fellatio in Latin, and it consists of sucking or licking the male sexual organ with the mouth, tongue, and lips to provide pleasure to men. One of the best techniques to give a blowjob is to hold the penis with one hand, introducing it into the mouth and move up and down, both with mouth and hand.


Another widespread practice is the so-called irrumatio, in which the man is the one who performs all the movements  and the fellator acts passively and is usually laying or kneeling.



On the other hand, cunnilingus consists of licking or kissing the female genitals, including the lips, vagina, and clitoris.

This type of oral sex may also include masturbating the person with the fingers or with sex toys to stimulate the area even more.

Finally, a hummer is a little-known variant that consists of making sounds with the vocal cords that produce vibrations and a pleasant tingling in the intimate female zone.


The 69 is a sex position in which the two people are aligned and mutually inverted, so that the mouth is near the other person's genitals, performing oral sex to each other at the same time.

5 oral sex tips

Courses and workshops to learn how to perform oral sex demonstrate that the skills of this practice can be perfectly acquired and improved. There are multiple techniques to satisfy our partner but there are also some basic rules that everyone should know.

Below are 5 simple tips related to oral sex that can be very useful for those who have difficulties to stimulate their partner or also for those who want to improve their skills.

1. Foreplay

Before beginning to directly stimulate the most intimate areas, it is important to devote some time to turn the person on. Therefore, the sexual tension will increase.

Foreplay can begin with something basic such as kisses: first by the mouth and face and then all over the body (breasts, arms, thighs, and so on). You can also lick the belly, rub your bodies, or even play until reach the exact spot.

In the case of men, the testicles can also be stimulated by gently and delicately stroking them, caressing them with the tongue or putting them in the mouth.

2. Enjoy and have fun

From a logical point of view, if what you are doing is pleasing you will do even better. So focus on being comfortable, let go, experiment and explore your wildest side. Above all, always be yourself and don't force anything, that is, don't try to act like a porn actor or actress because that will only be negative for you.

Naturalness is the key to eroticism. If you feel like dirty talking, just do it. Feel free and you both will have a much better time.

3. Control the speed and intensity

Oral sex
Combining oral sex with by manual stimulation increases pleasure | Getty Images

In oral sex, these aspects are key. In the case of cunnilingus, it is important to alternate the rhythm with which the tongue caresses the intimate areas. Usually, it is very satisfying when the tongue is flat and gently licking the clitoris.

It is the same in the case of blowjobs, we must vary the pace: start softly and progressively increase the speed, alternating it. In terms of intensity, we can also vary the pressure with which the lips hold the penis as well as stimulate the penis with the tongue from the inside.

However, it is important to be careful with your teeth. We could hurt our sexual partner and kill the mood.

4. Use your hands too

Another important rule to make this experience more satisfying: use your hands too.

While performing oral sex, you can caress and gently touch your partner's perineum —the area between the end of the scrotum or vagina and the anus— with your hands. Also, combine oral sex with manual masturbation. With this combination, the pleasure will be double and you can get your partner to have an orgasm.

If you are performing oral sex to a woman, you can gently finger her. It's also very exciting when you place your fingers in a V-shaped position when the person is more turned on.

In the case of men, one or two fingers can also be delicately inserted into the anus. Let's not forget that the male erogenous point par excellence is about 7 cm inside the anus, so manual stimulation of the anus, along with oral sex, can be extremely pleasant.


5. Be curious and observe

Learn to look at your partner's body language and stay tuned to find out what they like and dislike.

In the case of women, if they lift their pelvis, open their legs, sway their body or grab the head of the person who is stimulating them, it means that the practice is going in the right direction.

Eye contact in the male oral sex is key to turn them on and also to know if they are enjoying. However, in the case of women is very different and tends to vary more depending on the person.



Although pleasurable, it can be risky. Oral sex is associated with multiple sexually transmitted infections (STI)  and other medical conditions. Among the most common are human papillomavirus or HPV. It is characterized by the appearance of genital warts and can lead to uterine cancer. Also, although this only occurs in women, men can also be carriers.



AIDS —caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)— can be transmitted through oral sex as it is transmitted through blood, semen, and vaginal fluids. Herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia can also be spread through this practice.


How to prevent them

In order not to transmit or contract all this variety of pathologies,  it is essential to practice oral sex using condoms, to control the existence of wounds in the mouth and on the genitals and not to ingest the sexual organs fluids.


  •  This article about "Oral Sex" was originally published in Spanish in Viviendo La Salud