60 Dirty Questions To Ask A Girl Or Guy

Here is a list of sixty dirty and flirty questions to ask a girl or guy that you like.

Watch out -no topic is off-limits in this article!

60 Dirty questions to ask a girl or guy

Show off your wild side and dare to ask your hook up or partner these flirty questions.

1. What is the hottest thing you've ever put in your mouth?

You really think that any question could be hotter than this one? Hold on tight, because we're just getting warmed up...

2. Do you like to take the initiative or sit back and relax?

This is a matter of preferences, but we recommend alternating between roles.

3. Have you ever flirted with a friend's partner?

People just can't resist the temptation of the forbidden... If we could read minds, we'd find this one out in a jiffy!

4. Do you get hot easily?

The temperature is rising with our dirty questions -we might just have to start taking off our clothes...

5. How often do you masturbate?

This is one sexy question for guys and girls that just couldn't be missing on our list.

6. If you could do anything to me right now, what would you do?

Be careful what you wish for -it might just come true!

7. Have you ever watched porn as a couple -did you end up copying what you observed?

A lot of people don't admit to watching porn, but it actually improves the sexual health of many relationships.

8. Do you remember your first time?

Looking back at these funny moments is something that everyone holds onto until the perfect time comes up during flirty question sessions.

9. Do you think that you're a good kisser?

A good kiss is key to get that person you've got your eyes on lusting after you.

10. What body parts do you check out on others first?

Some people just can't play it cool, and they devour the other person with their eyes...

11. Have you ever had sex in public?

Here's another dirty question for friends or 'friends with benefits' that you can ask when you meet up.

12. Are you satisfied with your sexual relations?

Some people might think that this is unimportant, but good sex has positive repercussions on us, for sure.

13. If you could have sex right now, would you?

Do you dare to ask if they want to do it with you?

14. Have you ever role played with your partner?

Humor isn't off-limits in sex. Dressing up and role playing could help you to relax and enjoy the experience as much as possible.

15. Would you like your partner to dress up for you?

Lay back and enjoy the show!

16. Has anyone ever gotten you off in public?

It's funny how the awkwardest questions are also the dirtiest, isn't it?

17. And you, have you ever touched someone in public?

We bet you anything that someone will give you an unexpected response to this one!

18. Lights on or off?

Dim light is also a common preference.

19. What is your most off-beat sexual fantasy?

The stranger the better, here.

20. Do you like to have things whispered in your ear, while having sex?

Some people just like to hear faint moaning. However, others enjoy having certain things said to them. Find out what your sex partner thinks with this dirty question.

21. What gets you in the mood?

Everyone is different in this case, so you'll have to have an open mind.

22. If you could choose to see any part of my body, what would it be?

If you want to turn this up a notch, highlight the fact that this means 'seeing,' and not touching.

23. Have you had cybersex?

So many dirty questions are related to cybersex. Even if it doesn't seem like it, this can be a lot of fun.

24. How many people have you slept with?

Let's see who could be the person that you least expected.

25. If I look at the pictures on your phone, will I find anything unkosher?

Does anyone want to check their's first, just in case?

26. Fast and hard or slow and gentle?

You can include the way that you like to make love on this list of hot questions.

27. When did you last have sex?

Were the movies still in black and white back then?

28. Are you interested in exploring more daring types of sex beyond the usual?

In games like 'never have I ever' or 'truth or dare,' you can get to know a lot about the participants.

29. Have you ever fantasized about having sex with me?

Who's brave enough to find out these sexy hidden thoughts?

30. Have you ever been shocked by someone who was too scandalous in bed?

You can ask all kinds of dirty questions in 'never have I ever' games.

31. How often would you have sex if you could choose?

Gender is irrelevant here -this flirty question is universal.

32. Have you ever broken anything around your house in a fit of rage?

When you step into Ikea, the furniture trembles as you walk by. You're FIERCE.

33. Did you ever have an erection in public and did anyone realize it?

This is one of the dirty questions that guys tend to get asked the most. By the way, the rolled up sock trick doesn't count here.

34. Tongue: where and how far?

When you eat an ice cream cone in the summertime, do you lick up every last melted drop, or are you one of those people that gets their hands dirty?

35. Have you ever sent pictures of yourself to someone via chat?

Sexting is the perfect solution when distance is an issue.

36. You have one wish: you can sleep with whoever you choose. Who would you pick?

You can choose someone in the room (this is the most sensual) or someone famous.

Would you choose the dreamy Ryan Gosling or Emma Stone for this dirty question?
Would you choose the dreamy Ryan Gosling or Emma Stone for this dirty question?

37. Have you had erotic dreams?

During periods with high levels of sexual activity (or dry spells), our unconscious mind goes through the roof...Freud said this!

38. What do you like most about my body?

This question is very suggestive.

39. What would I have to do to turn you on?

Can we move on with the game, or are the questions getting too hot for you? I saw you blush!

40. What movie scene makes you hot?

Just think of that scene that gives you goosebumps every time you see it. You know, the one that you put on repeat?

41. If you send me a nude, I'll send you one back. Deal?

New technology has led to new forms of sex. For example, asking flirty questions on Whatsapp or other chats. 

42. Have you ever felt turned on in an inconvenient place (school, work, in public...)?

Watch out, this is what happens when our imaginations go wild, and boredom takes over!

43. ...and did you masturbate to cool off?

I mean, what else can you possibly do to turn down the heat?

44. Has anyone ever come up with an excuse to have you over to their house, and did you ever end up in bed with them?

Examples: "To watch a movie," "finish a project," or "to fix the computer"...

45. Have you ever thought of doing something dirty with a professor?

The professor sex fantasy is actually pretty common.

46. What are you wearing?

This flirty question is straightforward.

47. Has anyone ever told you that you have the most sensual lips?

In the film Match Point (2005), Scarlett Johansson's character awakens Jonathan Rhys-Meyers' lustful side. She just can't stop asking him risqué questions all the time.

You can turn up the heat with this sexy lip question.
You can turn up the heat with this sexy lip question.

48. What would you do if you had your crush tied up?

Or maybe, "what wouldn't you do?"

49. And if you were the one that was tied up, what would you want to be done to you?

Another recurring fantasy is imagining that we are tied up at the other person's mercy.

50. What would I have to do to get you to sleep with me?

This dirty question game is getting exciting...

51. Have you ever slept with someone before or after they became famous?

This kind of question might seem a little ridiculous, but, what if someone actually did this?

52. What was your best orgasm like and who was it with?

This won't necessarily be the person that you lost your virginity to.

53. We have chemistry, when are we going to get physical?

No one will be able to resist a question as hot as this one!

54. Do you have anything you could wear to bring out your animal side?

Lingerie, leather, something see-through... Anything goes with these sexy questions!

55. What would you say if I told you I wasn't wearing underwear?

Music to our ears...

56. Have you ever received a message from someone begging you for sex, desperately?

This question will declare your true intentions and is best in person.

57. If I covered your eyes, what would you want to happen after?

There are some flirty questions that just make our imaginations go wild.

58. Have you ever touched yourself thinking of me?

Are you brave enough to admit that not only have you had fantasies about this person but also that you've masturbated thinking of him or her?

59. Did any of these questions make you horny?

We really hope they did.

60. Are you in the mood for sex right now?

Are you still wearing clothes? C'mon, we didn't do such a horrible job, did we?