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45 Questions To Play Truth Or Dare

Here is a list of Truth or Dare questions that not everyone will agree to answer.

Have you ever played Truth or Dare? It’s a game to have fun with friends, and it has the particularity that you don’t need any board or materials to play. You only need to be willing to have fun with people that you want to get to know a bit better. Truth or Dare consists of answering some questions with total honesty. These questions are usually very personal or intimate, so if you decide not to answer you can be exposed to a challenge as “punishment”.


Questions to play Truth or Dare

If you want to play Truth or Dare and you want to have some questions to ask, we can help you. Below you will find a long list of Truth or Dare questions ideas that can help you put your friends in an awkward position.

Let’s start!

1. Do you have any unspeakable secret? Which one?

This question is difficult to answer. If they don’t do so, invite them to take a walk naked in a public area.

2. Have you ever caught your boyfriend/girlfriend practicing onanism?

Giving self-pleasure is the most normal thing in the world, but for some people, it can be embarrassing.

3. With what celebrity would you like to have a crazy night?

In answer to this Truth or Dare question, some of your friends' philias can come to light.


4. What part of your body would you change without any doubt?

In this question, we can unravel some insecurity of people around you, as well as their level of self-esteem.


5. Would you go on a date with anyone that is here today? With who?

A very uncomfortable question but that can favor some romantic encounters.


6. Have you got any sexual fantasy that you’ve never satisfied?

It will be a question complicated to answer, so start preparing a possible “punishment.”


7. What is the most bizarre thing you’ve done for love?

Being in love can lead us not to think about our actions.

8. How was your “first time”?

It’s a moment that is usually lived with anxiety: the first intimate relationship. Will they be able to answer this question?

9. Which was the worst day of your life?

With this Truth or Dare question you can touch the sensitive part of the other person, so try to take it to a fun terrain, not a dramatic one.

10. How many people have you had intimate relationships with?

Usually, women have some difficulties in answering this question, because they feel embarrassed. But men usually exaggerate. 

11. What is the moment in your life when you have looked most ridiculous?

A Truth or Dare question that can go a long way.

12. Is there something about you that people think that isn’t true?

We tend to have misperceptions about the personality and abilities of other people.

13. Can you explain something that you have lived that you totally regret?

Some uncomfortable anecdotes may arise. The important thing is to accept it and move forward.

14. Would you abandon your partner if you were offered 100,000€?

It will be complicated for people to be completely honest.

15. What is your most childish and stupid habit that you still have?

In the privacy of your home, undoubtedly many of your friends do unexplainable stupidities.

Dos chicas contándose un secreto la una a la otra
You can find out a lot of secrets with these Truth or Dare questions | Healthy Way Mag

16. Have you ever cheated on one of your partners?

This is an especially uncomfortable question that can lead to curious anecdotes.

17. Do you remember your first kiss? How was it?

For some people, it is a nice thing to remember, but for others, it was a disaster.

18. Who would you take to a desert island? Your partner or a friend?

A question that can lead us to make a bad impression, it doesn’t matter what the answer is.

19. Have you ever laughed at someone publicly sometime?

We will see to what extent your friends have been the bad ones.

20. Have you ever been to a nudist beach?

It’s not very nice to recognize that a lot of people have seen you naked.

21. If you had the power to live the life of someone else during 24h, who would you choose?

This question can lead to funny comments.

22. Have your parents caught you doing something especially embarrassing?

Living in the same place is always a constant danger for rebellious or excessively hedonistic young people.

23. Do you have fun at work? Why?

As we spend a lot of time at work, it can be curious to think to what extent your friends feel comfortable in this environment.

24. Do you feel any special attraction for anyone now?

Confessing this romantic predisposition towards someone can lead to a lot of fun in the group.

25. What has been your most memorable sexual experience?

It is one of those essential questions in the game of Truth or Dare. Laughter and wonderful anecdotes are totally guaranteed.

26. Which has been your worst intimate relationship?

Interesting stories to laugh for a while.

27. What has been your most disturbing erotic dream? Tell us about it!

The world of dreams is always an inexhaustible source of surreal anecdotes.

28. What habit of your partner can’t you stand any longer?

They may have been able to hide it for months or even years, but now they have the opportunity to make it public...

29. What did you think the first time you met your current partner?

They may have fallen in love at first sight, although there are also cases of total initial disapproval.

30. Have you ever had a threesome?

Here we can see if our friends are more or less liberal.

31. What would you like to change from your partner if you could?

An especially uncomfortable question if the other member of the couple is present.

32. Explain the worst date you have ever had (in detail).

Although it is assumed that a romantic date is useful to intimate and get to know each other better, sometimes the story does not work out, and the interaction is uncomfortable and ridiculous.

33. What makes you horny in seconds?

An intimate question about sexual preferences,  especially in the preliminaries.

34. Have you ever regretted something that you have done under the effects of alcohol?

The disinhibition caused by alcohol can lead us to do things that we would not do in a sober state.

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Truth or dare questions are fun when you meet a good bunch of friends | PixaBay

35. Have you ever had intimate relationships with any of your partner’s friends?

It is quite common that this happens, by simple chance or by sharing an environment of friendships.

36. What do you hate most about me?

It’s not easy to answer this question without causing discomfort…

37. What is the craziest thing you’ve done in your life?

Living to the limit can bring us surprises and hilarious anecdotes.


38. Has anybody ever betrayed you? What happened?

To remember past times when someone failed us and disappointed us to the extreme can be difficult.

39. Have you ever had to lie to anyone because of the fear of hurting their feelings?

Lying, sometimes, has its justification.

40. What is your biggest fear?

Phobias and fears are common aspects of everyone. Although there are people whose fears can be especially strange.

41. Why did you break up with your last partner?

There are always reasons to end a relationship. This is an especially uncomfortable question.

42. What would you do if you were from the opposite sex for 24 hours?

The answers to this question are usually hilarious.

43. Have you ever caught your parents having sexual relationships?

A lot of people have heard some noise that came from the matrimonial room. 

44. If you caught someone sexy naked, would you continue looking?

Do your friends have a "voyeur" spirit? Find out with this mythical Truth or Dare question.

45. Have you ever had sex in a public place?

For some people, the possibility of being discovered during an intimate moment is especially exciting.

  • This article about "Truth or Dare" was originally published in Spanish in Viviendo La Salud