Never have I ever questions

50 Never Have I Ever Questions

A list of 50 "Never have I ever" questions for kids, couples, teens, 18+...

What are the best questions for the 'Never have I ever' game?  In this article, we explain what this drinking game is and give you some questions ideas of all kinds for adults, teens, and kids - including questions for friends, dirty questions, funny questions, and questions for couples.

Never have I ever: the game

There are many drinking games that can make us have a great time with friends. We present you one of the most popular ones.

How to play 'Never have I ever'? The rules are very simple but can be confusing at first. It consists of telling a personal experience you've 'never' had, and those who have had it take a sip of their drink.

What's the fun part? Depending on what questions are asked, you can find out things you didn't know about your friends without having to ask them directly. Also, the questions can be very innocent but also very embarrassing. Of course, as the game and drinks progress, they can become more interesting.

However, the 'Never have I ever' game is not only used in an embarrassing, dirty, sexual sense. In fact, it is an activity that can be useful to make teenagers and kids think and, above all, have a lot of fun.

What better way to explain the game than by giving some examples? Here are 50 questions for friends (embarrassing, funny, dirty, +18...) but also for teens and kids.

Dirty questions

Embarrassing, dirty questions are the best ones to play 'Never have I ever'. Not only do they make us laugh, but, at the same time, we learn that we are not the only ones to have had uncomfortable moments.

1. Never have I ever been in a sex shop

This question is ideal to break the ice and start the game with your friends. Although it may not seem like it, sex shops can be taboo for many people.

2. ...had a fantasy with a friend

Some people think that true friendships are basically a kind of romance or that they end up provoking desire. Who has this happened to?

3. ...used a sex toy

Undoubtedly, some of the most uncomfortable questions are those related to how we live our sexuality (what we like to do and what we don't like to do).

4. ...had sex with more than one person at a time

Has anyone of your friends ever been in a threesome or an orgy? This is a subtle way to find out.

5. ...dated my friend's ex

Exes, betrayal, and cheating are without a doubt some of the topics that can give us the best embarrassing questions ideas.

6. ...slept with my best friend

Sometimes friends can share sexual experiences without sacrificing their friendship. But... are there hidden love stories among your friends? Play this game and find out.

7. ...had fantasies with same-sex people

For some people, questions about homosexual desires or experiences can be uncomfortable and fun. This question can be perfectly reversed, for example: 'Never have I ever had fantasies with opposite sex people'.

8. ...woken up naked in someone else's house

After a good night of drinking and partying there is always those who wake up at someone else's house without remembering much of what happened last night.

18+ questions 

What happens after the party? These are  'Never have I ever' questions for adults.

9. Never have I ever said 'never again' after drinking too much

Who has been so hangover to the point of promising not to drink alcohol again?

10. ...gotten drunk by myself

This question can be embarrassing and funny - although it can also be just embarrassing.

11. ...thought that a cartoon was sexy

Sometimes cartoons and video game characters can provoke a sexual desire, which one of your friends has it happened to?

12. ...stolen something from a supermarket

Probably at some point in life, everyone has stolen something, intentionally or unintentionally.

13. ...driven a car being drunk

In fact, for some people, this can be quite common.

14. ...had the police come to my house for throwing a party

When it is no longer our neighbor but the police who knock on the door for having the music too loud, it is probably because those who share our building hate us.

15. ...flirted with someone in a bar

What can cause more laughter in your group of friends: having flirted in a bar or never having done so?

Funny questions

Questions of sexual content and related to party nights are not the only funny questions we can ask in 'Never have I ever'. For example, we can also ask about the most intimate but at the same time most common habits among our friends.

16. Never have I ever gone three days without a shower

Sometimes due to excessive laziness, habit or comfort, there will be those who can stay several days without taking a shower.

17. ...joined the gym without ever going

This is typical every January. We all start the year with the goal of exercising, and spending money every month for nothing. Who really meets the goal?

18. ...lied while playing 'Never have I ever'

When questions become very uncomfortable and we don't want to be embarrassed, we always have the option to lie. Has anyone done that?

19. ...sent a message to the wrong person

Who hasn't sent an embarrassing message to the wrong person? Surely more than one person has been exposed to friends, mother or partner.

20. ...asked someone who didn't work at the clothing store if they had my size

It's typical to walk into a clothing store and confuse the person next door with someone who works there.

21. ...cried watching a Disney movie

More than one will be ashamed to have ever cried with animated films; but surely almost all of them have done it sometime.

22. ...danced the 'Gangnam Style'

Does anyone remember this PSY song? It was the most watched video in 2012; surely there will be those who remember it with shame and even affection.

23. ...did the duck face while taking a selfie

In fact, the duck face in selfies is still a thing. There are those who make it even without being aware of it.

24. ...attempted to do something I saw on Pinterest

It is typical to see a beautiful design on Pinterest and to believe illusively that we can replicate it in an exact way. Who has this happened to?

25. ...googled my name to see what comes up

Free time and the internet can lead us to try unsuspected and unnecessary things.

Never have I ever questions for couples

'Never have I ever' questions for couples can get really interesting. We can have a fun time finding out some of our friends' intimacies and even our own.

26. Never have I ever stalked my partner's Facebook or Instagram

Although few admit it, surely more than one person in the room has become curious about how they look, what they do, how they dress, where they traveled and what photos our ex-partners upload.

27. ...checked my partner's messages

A high-risk practice that many couples dare to perform, even knowing the possible consequences.

28. ...had fantasies with my partner's friend

After asking this question, surely there will be uncomfortable laughter... and pious lies.

29. ...considered leaving my partner

More than one person has thought of leaving their current partner. You want to know who? This is the perfect question.

30. ...pretended to be sick to avoid going to a date

How do we escape a meeting or an appointment we can't attend? Surely there are those who pretend to be sick.

31. ...gotten back together with my ex

Have you ever said 'never again' after discovering the worst about your ex? Well, many people forget the next day.

32. ...preferred not being with my partner

Another subtle way to find out who wants to leave whom...

33. ...cheated

A typical embarrassing question that generates nervous laughter and even problems among players.

Never have I ever questions for teens

We can  lower the intensity of the questions a little and apply the same rules for playing 'Never have I ever' for teens (although they still apply to adults). This is a good strategy to have fun and break the ice.

34. Never have I ever dropped my phone into the WC

Especially among young people, it is very common to carry your mobile everywhere. And this often leads to accidents.

35. ...sung a song pretending to know the lyrics

Typical to find yourself at a party and your whole group of friends knows a song that you don't. Sometimes you have to lie to fit in.

36. ...tried to move things using my mind

Did you grow up watching Matilda and other movies or shows about people with supernatural powers? More than one fantasized about acquiring them...

37. ...stalked my favorite artist

Especially with the rise of social networks is becoming easier to find out everything about the life of our favorite singer or actor.

38. ...been a Twilight fan

There will be more than one person who is embarrassed to have followed science-fiction shows or excessively romantic, cheesy movies like the Twilight saga

39. ...bullied someone

It is very common among teenagers to bully their classmates or to be bullied. In this way, we can find out subtly.

40. ...cheated on a test

All of us have had to cheat on a test to make sure we pass.

41. ...had a crush on my teacher

It is typical that kids and teenagers fall in love with their teacher. Another similar question is 'Never have I ever called my teacher 'mom'.'

42. ...have I smelled my clothes to see if they were dirty

Teenagers and adults often find the need to reuse our clothes, not without first making sure that 'it doesn't smell so bad'.

Never have I ever questions for kids

Finally, we can ask 'Never have I ever' questions adapted for the little ones. As with teenagers, this game can help to break the ice, and also to find out some things children wouldn't dare to say individually.

43. Never have I ever insulted someone

This question may make them think about what it means to insult their peers.

44. ...cried watching a movie

There will be some little ones who will be ashamed and laughing, and there will be some who won't. This question can also help normalize emotions such as sadness.

45. ...lied

With this question, we can also open a reflection on the fact of lying with the little ones.

46. ...been afraid of clowns

A question with which many will surely feel identified and which will make them spend a funny moment.

47. ...eaten candy hiding from my parents

Surely more than one has chosen to disobey some of their parents' rules regarding candy.

48. ...had gum stick to my hair

This is a fairly common experience, especially for those with long hair. You can also ask questions like 'Never have I ever stepped on dog poop'.

49. ...fallen asleep in class

Probably among the older children, there will be one who remembers falling asleep in a boring class.

50. ...copied my homework

Also more than one will have fallen into the temptation of copying their homework to get good grades.