A List Of Foods To Avoid For People With Diabetes

People with diabetes should avoid sweets, sauces, and even certain fruits.

Diabetes is a life-long health condition defined by an excess of glucose in the bloodstream. When a person has diabetes, their insulin fails to reduce the amount of glucose in the body. People with this condition need to follow a strict diet since the voluntary or accidental consumption of high-sugar foods could put their health at risk. Below we list the foods that people with diabetes should avoid  in detail.

A List Of Foods To Avoid For People With Diabetes

There are many foods should be avoided at all costs by those with diabetes. These foods could compromise the body's function and the kidneys in particular. Besides, this could lead to vision loss, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems, and other issues. The following foods should be off-limits for people with this health condition.

Sweets and sugar

Sweet foods are strictly prohibited for those with this condition,  not only because this increases the risk of raising the body’s glucose levels, but also because weight gain is dangerous for those that have diabetes.

Many people with diabetes mellitus consume sugary products frequently without realizing how risky this is for their health. Some believe that there is no harm in eating sweet food, as long as they don't do it often.

Some sweets that people with this health condition should avoid are cookies that contain sugar, most sweeteners, donuts, candy and gummies, sugary cereals, honey, ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate bars, and many others.

Alcoholic beverages

Alcohol consumption is also discouraged and prohibited for those with severe diabetes  because of how this can affect the metabolism.

This is because certain beverages with high alcohol contents are off-limits for people with this illness: alcohol consumption causes the liver to produce glucose, which lowers sugar levels in the body.

This can be dangerous for those with diabetes mellitus since it could put them into hypoglycemic shock  which could cause them to develop a series of dangerous symptoms. Some of these include tremors, sweating, and confusion.

Blood sugar levels should be checked regularly to avoid this risk, and if a person with diabetes chooses to consume alcohol, then they should eat something beforehand, preferably carbohydrates.


Fruit seems like a good substitute for sweet foods  that people with diabetes can't eat - however, some fruits are not at all recommendable for those with this health condition.

The fruits with the highest sugar contents are on this list. Some examples are watermelon, pineapple, banana, figs, cherries, grapes, fruits in syrup, and very ripe fruit in general.

In spite of being quite sweet, there are still some fruits that can be consumed by those with diabetes mellitus occasionally as long as they consult a doctor. Melon, mango, and citrus fruits like tangerine and oranges are just a few.

People with this life-long condition should have no problem consuming less sugary fruits. However, very sweet fruits are on the list of foods that those with diabetes should avoid.

Refined flours

Processed foods with flour are also off-limits  for people with diabetes mellitus. This includes industrial baked goods, cookies made with flour, pasta, pizza, desserts with flour like cakes, croissants, white bread, and donuts. These foods contain carbohydrates that elevate the body’s glucose levels.

High-fat foods

Most high-fat, fried, or breaded foods are not indicated for those with diabetes which is why they should avoid foods that are high in fat.

This includes potato chips and processed snacks, French fries, breaded meats or empanadas, charcuterie and other processed meats, fatty meats, popcorn with butter, and fried food in general.

Sweet drinks

It is best for those with diabetes to avoid very sweet drinks or those with added sugars like soda, sweet juices, sugary waters, sugary milk derivatives, coffees or teas that are high in sugar or calories, liquors with or without sugar, and sweet drinks in general.

Sauces like ketchup contain sugar and should be avoided by those with diabetes. | Getty Images


When eaten with meals, processed sauces raise the overall sugar content significantly. The sweetest ones are those prepared by fast food establishments since corn syrup and honey are usually main ingredients. People with diabetes mellitus should be dissuaded from consuming sauces like ketchup and mayonnaise because of this.


High-salt foods can also be detrimental to those with diabetes. Some of these foods include processed snacks, cookies, and salty nuts.

On that note, people with this condition are encouraged to abstain from adding salt to foods since many of them already contain salt naturally.