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Walnut Health Benefits

Here we discuss walnut nutrition, and the benefits of eating this nut regularly

We recommend the walnut both for its flavor and versatility in a variety of different dishes, as well as for its health benefits.

In this article, we will highlight the main health benefits of walnuts  and how they are consumed, as a preventative agent for both physical and psychological conditions.


The walnut is a fruit of the walnut tree, a deciduous species from the Juglandaceae family. This tree is native to the Middle East and brought to Europe during the classical period - later it was planted in both Americas and across the African continent.

This nut has been thought of as a remarkable healing food for millenniums due to its beneficial properties and nutritional value.

A hard brown-colored shell that can be split in half covers this nut. Its brain-shaped seed is inside of this shell.

This nut is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, protein, minerals, and plant-based oil. It is estimated that a traditional nut of this variety contains about 50% oil fat, mainly linoleic acid.

Health benefits of walnuts

Although this nut is not consumed in large quantities by the general public, with regular consumption, it delivers the body many benefits. Below we reveal the details.

Lowers cholesterol

Consuming this nut is highly beneficial on many levels. For starters, this high-protein food reduces cholesterol levels.  This happens since walnuts contain 0 cholesterol and do not contribute any so-called “bad fats” to the body.

Besides this, consuming this food favors digestion due to its high fiber content, which generates a feeling of fullness, and promotes weight loss in those that consume it.

Cardiovascular health

Consuming walnuts regularly also promotes and maintains the state of one’s cardiovascular health. Eating nuts  helps to prevent the obstruction of the arteries,  which makes it highly recommendable, whether you have suffered from cardiovascular afflictions in the past, or you are taking purely preventative measures.

Besides this, preventing high cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) and facilitating blood circulation is also related to fewer incidents of heart or other cardiovascular-related issues.

Walnuts promote brain function | .

Stimulates brain function

This nut can boost brain function, which is another one of its benefits for sure. The vitamins and fatty acids in walnuts activate the central nervous system which causes this effect. 

Consuming these nuts regularly can improve and strengthen our memory, ability to learn, concentration, and intellectual performance in general.

Protects the immune system

Although this is a little-known benefit, the habitual consumption of walnuts defends and improves the immune system’s function.

This is why this food can help to strengthen our state of health and minimize the risk of contracting all kinds of contagious diseases.

Improves mood

Although this may seem surprising, the routine consumption of nuts has a revitalizing and energizing effect and  favors a good mood and stress reduction.  This is mainly due to its high vitamin, protein, and mineral content.

This energizing effect happens because consuming walnuts stimulates the nervous system. This nut's vitamin, sugar, and antioxidant content also contribute to this.

Liver disease

Eating walnuts also benefits the body in cases of liver disease. This food's natural fatty acid content is responsible for these positive effects.

Besides this, this nut’s antioxidant properties help to detoxify the body and particularly the liver in cases of liver disease.


Consuming walnuts daily can also benefit our bodies in many other ways. First and foremost, to treat and prevent osteoporosis, due to its rich mineral content. This food also keeps skin looking young and tight and gives hair a shiny and healthy appearance. This is all thanks to the vitamin E that this nut contains.

Regular walnut consumption can also increase male fertility  and improve sperm quality.