Water Sports

Water Sports: 10 Most Popular Water Activities

The 10 most popular water sports and activities to practice during the summer.

Water Sports
Summer is the best time to enjoy most water sports.

Summer is near, and with it, days of sun, heat and, obviously, beach. It is the perfect moment to take advantage of the sea and practice some water sports that we cannot do during the rest of the year. There are endless options and we also keep ourselves active during these months in a different and fun way.

In this article, we have created a list with some of the most popular water sports and activities to make the time you spend in the water unforgettable and full of adrenaline while you keep yourself fit. 

List of water sports and activities

When the heat comes, we become interested in water sports. There's no better feeling than practicing activities in the water while we cool off. However, not only can we practice them on the surface, but we can also do them from below as with diving and snorkeling.

Here is a list of some action water sports and activities:

1. Swimming

It is the star water sport, because it is easy, cheap and because most of us know how to practice it.  Swimming is one of the complete exercises that exist  since we exercise a high number of muscles in our body.

In addition, we also strengthen and improve our cognitive capacity, since when we immerse ourselves in water, the flow of blood from our brain increases. It also helps to elevate our mood, because when we practice it, we release neurotrophic factors in the brain.

We can do it anywhere, but we have to be careful with the currents and waves because even if it looks as though it is a safe place, it could play a trick on us.

2. Surfing

It is the water sport with the most years of history. Its beginnings go back more than 500 years in the South Pacific islands. This water sport consists of gliding the waves standing on top of a board. It requires a lot of balance and technical skills. It is difficult to practice without previous training.

If you want to surf in Spain, we recommend the northern areas, such as the beaches of Galicia, Asturias, Santander, the Basque Country and Catalonia, as this is where you can find the best waves for surfing. Also, there, you will find many surf schools to train and get better at this sport. 

There are many other places around the world where you can find perfect surfing waves such as Australia, Portugal, Hawaii, California...

3. Kitesurfing

We can only practice this action water sport if the wind allows it. It consists of sliding on a board on the water when being propelled by a traction kite that is joined to us by a harness. The board is fixed to our feet to allow us to perform all kinds of acrobatics and jumps.

To do this, you need a minimum of strength and endurance, so we must be a little fit to be able to steer the kite.

Kitesurfing is a water sport
Kitesurfing is a water sport similar to surfing but propelled by a sail.

4. Paddle surfing

Paddle surf gains followers year after year and its popularity is increasing. This is because it is relatively easy to practice and can be done by all audiences, from children to adults.

It consists of standing on a board and paddling to move on the water. It is a much quieter and more peaceful activity than the others.

Concentration and balance are required, but after the first few minutes, you gain confidence and stability and it doesn't usually get too complicated.

5. Waterskiing

It is popular since the 1950s, and this  water sport consists of wearing some skis and be slid by the water propelled by a motorboat to which a rope attaches us. There are several modalities of this sport, depending on the type of skis or boards used to slide on the water.

They usually reach 56 km/h and cause quite an adrenaline. This activity can be done at any point on the coast and in inland lakes as well.

6. Windsurfing

This sport is an evolution of traditional surfing. It consists of navigating on a board with a sail, to which we hold on to a horizontal bar. To practice it, we need wind and waves.

It is necessary to have skills of balance, strength, and endurance to be able to develop this activity. Full control of both the wind and the waves is required to move through this medium. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out training before starting with this aquatic activity.

Windsurfing is practiced in the vast majority of coastal areas around the world.

7. Flyboard

Flyboard is a new water sport that is in full expansion, so there are more and more coastal places that allow this practice. It consists of placing a board under your feet that expel some water jets that makes us propel and fly over the water.

As you try this sport, you get more experience and confidence, and your skills continue to grow, so we can get up and stay over the water for longer.

Flyboard is a water sport
Flyboard is a water sport that has gained a lot of popularity in a short period.

8. Canoeing

Also called kayaking, this activity is perfect for doing with family or friends. It consists of riding on a boat that is propelled by ourselves using a paddle with two ends. The kayak or canoe can be individual or for two or more people.

It is usually used to make excursions of several hours to contemplate the entire coast and does not require prior training other than the correct position to use the paddle.  Balance is not necessary, but coordination between the members of the boat. It is essential that everyone has the same strength and endurance to paddle and not saturate the one in better physical shape.

9. Bodyboarding

If you want to get started in the world of surfing, this is one of the best options and is also suitable for all audiences. It consists of lying on a half-body board and sliding on the waves while they take us towards the coast.

With this water activity, we will enjoy the fun offered by the waves without having to stand on the board.  The bodyboards used for this sport vary according to the specifications of users in terms of height and weight.

This sport can be practiced on any beach where there are a bit of waves.

10. Snorkeling

This is one of the most practiced water sports and activities in the summer. It's simple, relatively cheap and little ones and adults love it.  It consists of swimming on the surface of the water with a mask or diving goggles, flippers and a hollow tube called snorkel, which helps us breathe underwater.

It is a viral and attractive water activity due to its pure nature. With the snorkel, we will be able to enjoy the beauty of the seabed and to contemplate the fish and fauna that lives there.


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