Tricep Workouts

Tricep Workouts: The Best 10 Exercises

We find out the best exercises and stretches for triceps.

Tricep Workouts
Find out the best 10 tricep workouts.


When it comes to strengthening the arms, it is necessary to maintain an adequate routine of tricep exercises, specially designed and conceived both to train and to work out these muscles that we find located in the arm, in the spinal area, and also in the legs. With an added advantage: many of these tricep exercises can be performed at home.

What are the most appropriate tricep workouts? In this article, you will learn the most effective tricep exercises.

What is the triceps muscle?

Triceps are a muscle (organ formed by fibers with the ability to contract) that we find in the arm, specifically on the back side of it, which is composed of three heads: the lateral, medial and long. Also, in anatomy, we can also distinguish the triceps surae, located in the calf.

There are specific tricep workouts for the 3 different types of triceps in the human body The most renowned one is the triceps brachii (the one located in the arm):

  • Triceps brachii: we found it in the arm. It allows the forearm to extend and is made up of three portions. That is, it helps to extend the elbow.

  • Spinalis: it is located along the spine, preventing it from moving forward.

  • Triceps surae: we find it in the leg, right in the place where the calves join the soleus. With its contraction, it allows the realization of different movements.

Among tricep workouts, triceps brachii dumbbell exercises are some of the most popular, although not the only ones, as we will see below.

Workouts for triceps brachii

When training, many people tend to pay more attention to biceps exercises, and they think they are the center of attention, forgetting the importance of tricep workouts.

Did you know that the triceps consists of the 70% of your arms? It's the largest arm muscle.

When it comes to triceps brachii workouts, dumbbell exercises are undoubtedly the most useful, simple and effective:

1. Two arm dumbbell extension

Stand, holding a dumbbell with both hands behind your head. Bending your elbows carefully, lift the weight until your arms are almost entirely extended upwards. Then pause briefly, to start descending again, slowly.

When practicing this exercise, it is essential that the upper part of the arm, which is closest to the shoulder, remains as firm as possible. In this way, we will be able to work out the muscle better.

Tricep Workouts
Two arm dumbbell extensions are one of the most popular tricep workouts.


2. Seated dumbbell tricep extension

It's a triceps exercise that's a little simpler and more comfortable to practice. You should sit with the trunk perpendicular to the bench, and with both hands behind your head, hold a dumbbell while keeping the upper arm completely firm.

Rests a few seconds maintaining the position, then begin to descend again, little by little. It is important not to change position drastically without ending the session.

3. One arm dumbbell extension

This  tricep  workout is quite similar to the first, in which we learned to do dumbbell exercises using both arms. On this occasion, we will use only one arm. To do this, we must keep the dumbbell with one arm while the one that remains inactive is left straight. We lift the dumbbell until the arm is almost completely extended upwards.

Finally, we alternate between both arms, with one arm resting while we exercise the other.

Workouts for triceps surae

The following exercises are perfect for training, stretching and strengthening the calves, so they will also be useful for exercising the triceps surae. It is important to include them in our tricep workouts.

4. Calves elevation with dumbbell

Holding a dumbbell with one hand, and placing the other on a support in order to have better balance, you should stand, leaning on one leg, keeping the tip of the foot resting on a wedge.

Lift the heel while keeping the knee joint slightly bent or extended. Then return to the starting position. Now do a complete heel flexion and repeat it.

5. One calf elevation with dumbbell

Stand, placing the front of the foot on the edge of a kerb or step. Make heel lifts concentrating mainly the calf, and just as you carry out the downward movement, lower the heel as low as you can.

Try to maintain the position for a few seconds, both when you raise the heel and when you lower it.

6. Heels elevated squat

This exercise is useful to strengthen and train the soleus. You only have to place yourself in a squatting position, leaning on a chair or bench to avoid falling forward. Then, perform heels lifts.

7. Steps

It's one of the most simple and easy tricep workouts. You just have to, with each leg, go up and down a step or box.

Workouts for spinalis

In addition to strengthening the brachii (arms) and surae (legs) triceps,  it is necessary to include a routine of tricep workouts to strengthen the spine and abs.

8. Extension

It is considered the most traditional and classic spinal triceps exercise. You have to lift the trunk slightly.

9. Superman

This exercise receives its name precisely because the movement to be performed is similar as if we were flying.

It consists of coordinating the movement while we open and close our arms and legs at the same time.

10. Windshield wipers

Keeping your legs extended and the tips of your feet resting on the ground, you should move your hands parallel, from one side to the other, without touching the floor. With this exercise, you work the lumbar square, the iliocostal and the long dorsal.

Tricep Workouts
Tricep exercises don't only include workouts; it is also important to include tricep stretches. 


Triceps stretches

In addition to training and strengthening the muscles, it is also very convenient to stretch them. To do this, you can  follow some of these stretches after our  tricep  workouts:

Tríceps and dorsal

Sitting or standing, with your legs slightly open and your body leaning to one side, you should hold one elbow with the other hand and stretch the triceps as far as you can. Hold each side for 15 seconds.

Interlaced fingers

Standing or sitting, place one arm flexed behind (at the back) and below, while the other arm is flexed behind your head. Interlock the fingers of both hands, and pull them in opposite directions. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat.


It is another of the simplest and most popular  tricep  stretches. After having finished your tricep exercises, whether sitting or standing, place your arms above your head. Then hold one elbow with the other hand (the other arm), and pull the elbow toward the nape of the neck, slowly to avoid possible injury. Hold 15 seconds with each arm.

The key is to always stretch not only before practicing the tricep exercises but also after finishing them. Also, it is important to keep in mind not to overload the muscles more than necessary, as we could damage and injure them.

Finally, in the following video, we will learn more tricep workouts:


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