A woman lying down on a sofa with her hands on her stomach.

Home Remedies For Stomach Ache

Stomach pains can be annoying. We take a look at natural home remedies that are more efficient to get rid of an upset stomach.

A woman lying down on a sofa with her hands on her stomach.
Here you'll find some home remedies to cure stomach ache | iStock

Stomachaches are episodes of pain and malaise in the abdominal area that usually appear after eating. However, this condition can also appear as a result of colics, a flu process or a stomach virus, among others.

In this article, we will briefly explain the 7 most effective home remedies to relieve it. We will focus on products of natural origin that are easy to obtain —including many healthy foods.

7 home remedies for upset stomach

There are many home remedies to treat stomach pain symptoms quickly and effectively:

1. Infusions

Infusions are natural remedies used for millennia to treat a wide variety of diseases or conditions of the body. The medicinal properties and health benefits of many herbal infusions have been known since time immemorial.

Teas are a very effective cure to treat a stomach ache and any digestive system affectation. Some of their properties are naturally calming, relaxing both the external muscles and the nervous system, reducing vomiting and nausea, eliminating gases and reducing malaise in general.

Some of the infusions that we can take as a home remedy to treat stomach pain are ginger infusion —which acts as a potent anti-inflammatory, classic green tea, mint tea, chamomile, fennel infusion, wormwood infusion, and peppermint infusion.

2. Rice water

Rice water is an excellent cure for an upset stomach. It is one of the easiest to prepare but also one of the most effective.

We can make rice water by cooking half a cup of rice in 4 or 6 cups of water. It is a very effective remedy to treat stomach pain and diarrhea, ulcers, poor digestion or any other problem related to the gastrointestinal transit.

3. Baking soda

Baking soda is a very common natural remedy to treat all kinds of health problems. It can also be an affordable home remedy for stomachache, reducing heartburn, calming pain, and facilitating digestion.

A useful recipe with baking soda consists in adding a spoon of baking soda in a water cup. Next step is to add the juice of half a lemon. It is not recommended to take this more than once a day.

4. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is another product that has been used for centuries to treat any type of health problems. It is one of the most used plants in the world as a medicinal remedy. For stomach and intestinal problems, there are aloe vera juices.

Aloe vera juice is a very recommended remedy to treat an upset stomach. It can be taken daily and among its benefits are the reduction of inflammation, promoted digestion and the prevention of constipation.

5. Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar is also at the top of the list of best home remedies for treating stomach pains. It is not a very well-known remedy, but it has plenty of benefits to treat health problems.

Among its properties stand out the reduction of gastric acid, the relief of inflammation caused by pain, and the elimination of bloating and gas.

6. Turmeric

Turmeric is a species from India that has been used since time immemorial for both its medicinal benefits and its culinary value.

Human-consumption turmeric consists of a root from which an orange or yellowish powder is extracted and used as a coloring, flavor enhancer and also as the main ingredient in curry.

Its benefits to the body include reducing bloating, promoting digestion after copious meals, eliminating pain, and reducing symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

7. Healthy diet

In addition to all the remedies stated above, there are a number of dietary habits that can prevent the onset of stomach pain.

For those people that are likely to have stomach ache, it is recommended not to eat spicy food, copious meals or hot sauces. Also, they should avoid fried and fatty foods and generally unhealthy foods.

A healthy diet based on non-processed food, with high amounts of fruit and vegetables, and few carbonated drinks can promote the protection of the stomach and minimize pain or inflammation.