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Best Love Songs Of All Time

Here you have a list of 16 love songs to dedicate and show your love to that special person.

Which are the best love songs of all times?  We go through romantic songs from the 20th century and the last decades -some from the most famous singers around the world and others less known to the general public- so you can dedicate them to the person you love or just so you find the perfect song for a specific moment in your life. 

The best love songs ever

In the following lines, you can find a list of 16 of the greatest love songs. In spite of the fact that the criteria for the selection has been personal, in general, we have decided to choose tracks that have been highly praised both by the critics and by the audience.

In the list we have included love songs as classic as Elvis Presley's "I can't help falling in love", or "Cheek to cheek", by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, but also others known mainly by specific musical audiences -for example tracks by the alternative artists The Smashing Pumpkins or Sufjan Stevens.

1. Suzanne (Leonard Cohen)

“You want to travel with her / And you want to travel blind / And you know that she will trust you / For you've touched her perfect body with your mind.” The most famous song by the Canadian poet and singer-songwriter, Leonard Cohen, talks about love as a spiritual, transcendent, and far from reason experience -comparable to religious faith.

2. La vie en rose (Edith Piaf)

"La vie en rose" is one of the most famous romantic songs of all times. It is difficult to say what is the best thing about this song, whether its sweet melody that makes it difficult to forget or the powerful voice of Piaf -although if I had to decide I would probably have to choose Edith. 

Although the original version was recorded in French, it also exists in English, also sung by Edith Piaf. In addition, the incredible fame of the song has promoted the creation of numerous versions, both in English and in other languages.

3. Can’t help falling in love (Elvis Presley)

This romantic song is  one of the most famous songs in Elvis Presley's career. In it, the King of Rock and Roll sings about how sudden and passionate love leads us to commit with the person we see as our better half.

4. Cheek to cheek (Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong)

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong were two of the greatest jazz stars of their time, and they still are. The version of the standard classic "Cheek to Cheek" that they recorded together is one of the most beautiful romantic songs of music history

5. More than words (Extreme)

"More than words" is a wonderful ballad played with acoustic guitar. Its lyrics explain that  showing how someone feels expresses love much better than words  ("Then you wouldn't have to say that you love me cause I'd already know")

6. Your song (Elton John)

Elton John's best love song was successful since its release but became even more famous because of its appearance in the movie Moulin Rouge, in which Christian (Ewan McGregor) sang it to show his love for Satin (Nicole Kidman).

The lyrics are a romantic dedication in which the author (Bernie Taupin, John's regular collaborator) expresses modestly the desire of sharing his life with the one he loves, in spite of not being able to offer them much more than himself and his love. 

7. Somebody to love (Jefferson Airplane)

This well-known and powerful love song by Jefferson Airplane transmits a mature and not selfish vision of love; its creator, Darby Slick, talks about pleasure and the sense of fullness that people can experience by the simple act of giving love, and not only by receiving it -the side that most romantic songs focus on, Slick said.

8. Delicate (Damien Rice)

Although the most famous love songs from Rice are "Cannonball" and "The blower's daughter," also beautiful, we have chosen "Delicate" because it is the lesser-known. 

In this track,  Rice's perfect voice is combined with a romantic melody that wraps the listener and naïve lyrics that talk about a secret love that seems to be just beginning.

9. Perfect (The Smashing Pumpkins)

This love song, written by Billy Corgan, leader of The Smashing Pumpkins," talks about the break-ups and getting back together. Practically anyone who has an affectionate relationship with an ex-partner can feel identified with the lyrics, which are  accompanied by a soft and original melody.

10. To be alone with you (Sufjan Stevens)

The tenth song of our list does not talk about romantic love but about what its author, the indie star, Sufjan Stevens, feels by the idea of God.

Although, as years have gone by, the music of this American singer has tended towards electronics and experimentation, this song represents the simplicity and purity of his first stage.

11. Creep (Radiohead)

"Creep" is the most famous song from Radiohead, the experimental rock group par excellence, both among his love songs and among those that talk about other topics.

In fact, although Creep's lyrics are generally understood as a declaration of love centered on the feelings of inferiority of the narrator ("I wish I was special / You so very special"), the truth is that the fact of not fitting in with the rest of society and the wear this means for self-esteem or identity is the main concept of this song and many others from this band. 

12. Pictures of you (The Cure)

The best love song of the British band, The Cure, led by the legendary Robert Smith, singer, and composer of the lyrics. These representatives of the new wave of alternative rock of the 1980s connected with the audience through their romantic and honest songs, which oscillate between sadness or despair and joy, often nostalgic, that can be found in the little things; "Friday I'm in love" is one of the best examples of this.

13. Layla (Derek and the Dominos)

"Layla" was composed by Eric Clapton, Duane Allman, and Jim Gordon, members of the supergroup Derek and the Dominos, as the main love song from the album "Layla and other assorted love songs."

Regardless of whether it is the energetic original version or the much slower and more suggestive acoustic one, "Layla" is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated romantic hymns in the history of music.

14. Paradise Circus (Massive Attack)

"Love is like a sin, my love / For the ones that feel it the most." "Paradise Circus" is the most well-known love song by Massive Attack, a band lead by Robert Del Naja -who is said to be Banksy, the famous street artist.

The melody of "Paradise Circus" has a relatively common sensuality in the compositions of Massive Attack, and it is even more reinforced by the voice of Hope Sandoval, ex-leader of Mazzy Star, that collaborated with the group exceptionally in this song.

15. Something changed (Pulp)

Some moments mark a before and an after in the course that followed our life, situations that appear as a crossroads in which suddenly everything changes to an unexpected direction.

What would have happened if you hadn't been to that place that day, if you hadn't found a thousand setbacks that ruined your plans? Jarvis Cocker, leader of Pulp, asked himself this while he was writing "Something changed," knowing that when this happened, "something changed" forever. 

16. Into my arms (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)

"Into my arms" is a beautiful romantic song played with a piano in which the Australian singer, Nick Cave reflects on the deep nature of true love -for him, it's the one who takes nothing for granted and expects nothing but the well-being of the loved one.