Couple tattoos

Couple Tattoos: Simple Tattoo Ideas For Couples

Getting a tattoo with your partner is a very important decision so the choice of the design and the meaning is crucial

Couple tattoos
Check out our list of the most original and simple couple tattoos.

Couple tattoos, both for men and women, are becoming more and more popular in relationships

The most common designs are usually discreet, small and beautiful to represent love. Letters, arrows, and crowns are usually the most chosen options. 

In this article, we show you some original and discreet couple tattoos ideas, as well as their related meaning. Take a look at the images we also show you and get inspired to create your own and make them yours. 

Couple tattoos: Pros and cons

Having matching tattoos with your partner not only means a sign of eternal love or proof of love, but it is also a crucial decision that can sometimes end up being a mistake.

When people fall in love, we tend to idealize the relationship, especially during the early stages of infatuation. The feeling is so strong that they could do any kind of crazy thing.

Couple tattoos are an example of it, and like any other crazy thing, it is usually done by young people. It is essential to keep in mind that having a permanent drawing on your body that reminds you of your partner -or ex-partner in the future- does not mean that you love someone more.

Although it can be something beautiful that only you two understand the meaning of, so that when the years go by and you are not together anymore, you remember happy moments you lived together. 

Like any other kind of tattoos, they represent experiences lived by ourselves, and depending on the aesthetics and the design of them; they can make all the sense in the world. 

If you decide to do it, make sure it is something you are both very sure about; do not force the other person to do it. There are very original and fashionable couple tattoos designs that are beautiful  and that are not the names of who form the couple. 

In the worst case scenario, multiple technologies that exist today can be used to remove the ink from the skin and erase it.

However, we have to remind you that these procedures are expensive and they do not eliminate the tattoos a 100%. Often, people make another one on top to cover it.

15 tattoos for couples

If you have decided you want matching couple tattoos and you want simple tattoo ideas, in the following lines we show you a list of original tattoo designs where you can choose from. 

They include 15 tattoo ideas for men and women, as most of them are unisex designs that can be modified to each person's liking. 

1. Crowns

King and queen tattoos are one of the most fashionable couple tattoos today. It can also be represented with the symbols Q and K from the poker deck of cards. Its meaning represents the victory, the evolution, and prosperity, as well as the unconditional love in a relationship. The couple crown tattoos are also associated with the Leo zodiac sign because they represent their bravery and will power. 

Tattoos for couples with crowns
The tattoos for couples with crowns represent the victory of the relationship.

2. Arrows and bows

They represent the most valuable weapon of love, Cupido's or the God of Love, who was able to link 2 people if it had a silver end. It is a tattoo that looks great if it is done small and discreet. It is one of the most done among the couple tattoos for men. 

It also symbolizes protection and determination of the relationship, as well as the feeling of certainty that you feel next to that person. There are different variations such as the crossed arrows, or each half on one part of the couple. It is also common to put a significative word inside the arrow. 

3. Love quotes

This is a classical one together with the names or the initials.  The good thing about these designs is that depending on the quote, nobody will know the real meaning of it. It has to be something real, and that has a strong symbolism for both of you. It could be some part of a song or a significant word that represent you two. 

For the font, different web pages offer different typologies for tattoos and allow you to write the quote so you can see what it will look like. Dafont is a complete web page to do this.

4. Lions

Lion tattoos represent the passion and integrity of the relationship. They are strong and independent, but the best-associated meaning is the union they refer to. It creates the power they present towards whatever setbacks they have to go through. 

These tattoos are usually done on the wrist or the arm,  but lately, it is also common to do it on the finger -a small one- as if it was a ring. They are not the most discreet ones, but if they are made simple, they can look fine. 

5. Drawings of couples

From the most simple shapes and lines that get together on the arms with the red thread of fate, to couple drawings looking at a sunrise. The most original and entertaining include cartoons and funny illustrations, which talk about the common tastes of the couple.

6. Infinity symbol

A must in this list of couple tattoos.  The meaning of the infinity symbol is clear: something that has no end, that will never end. It does not have to be the relationship, but the feeling that represents you. Because people we have truly loved never get out of our head, they just change places. It represents the willing to live, perpetuity and continuity in love, despite the setbacks. 

Tattoos for couples
Having a tattoo with your partner can be a sign of eternal feelings

7. Hearts

Big, small, outlined, whole or halved, hearts are the most common symbol for romantic love between two people. The variety of styles and designs that can be made with this tattoo make it a very viable option for those looking for something simple, discreet, and small. In addition, it can be made and look good on any part of the body.

8. Feathers

Among the most outstanding tattoos for couples in love, we find the feathers. It means the spirituality and freedom that you feel when you are with the one you love. The willingness to fly and return. There are different designs whether they are for men or women. 

They can also be related to the dreamcatcher tattoos, which can symbolize how the stage of life with that person represents protection and calm before all the negativity of life.

9. Mandalas

Mandala tattoos represent very spiritual designs because of its relationship with the eastern cultures religious symbolism. They have a circular shape that includes proportional geometric shapes inside it. They are some of the most demanded tattoos and allow a lot of freedom when it comes to making the design of the inside to the taste of each one.

10. Compasses

Like the north star, compasses guide our path and illuminate the way to follow the steps and not get lost in the darkness. Some people represent our star or our compass in life's journey. If you found yourself, you got to know each other, and you have never got lost again, it is your tattoo. 

11. Elephants

Elephant tattoos are a majesty symbol, and they are represented like that in many Asian and African countries. They can be drawn in a million different ways, Hindus, Buddhists, with geometric lines, realistically, etc.

They represent love for the family, courage, and strength. They are very protective animals, and they have powerful emotional bonds. With the trunk facing upwards, they symbolize a good luck charm.

Couple tattoos can be small and discreet
Couple tattoos can be small and discreet, and no one needs to know the meaning of them.

12. Owls

Having a tattoo of some owl's eyes or a couple of owls represent the wisdom and calm in a relationship. Depending on what the other person makes us feel,  it is one of the best matching couple tattoos. They are usually made representing the yin and the yang.

13. Husband and wife tattoos

Some married couple tattoos ideas include the couple's anniversary, engagement rings or something significative from all the years lived together with the other person. A word or something that reminds you of the other person is an excellent option. 

14. For couples with children

There are different options for tattoos for couples that have children. The primary meaning that unifies them is the symbolism towards the family. They can include names, initials, silhouettes or symbols that represent each member of the family. Dates are a widespread model in these kinds of designs.

15. Other ideas

Besides the couple tattoos described previously, there are a million different ideas more available. If you have run out of inspiration, here you have the link to couple tattoos in tumblr


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