A laboratory in China

There's a date set for millions of doses of a vaccine against Coronavirus

This is a good news!

If there's one issue that's got everyone worried right now, that is Coronavirus. Even though things are getting better there's much interest in reminding people of the need to keep a safe distance, and the new outbreaks that have occurred are being closely monitored.

However, there's also a great deal of interest and effort, from the scientific point of view, in the discovery of a vaccine against COVID-19. And in this sense, very positive news has already been given in this respect.

Specifically, it has been the WHO (World Health Organization) that has chosen to make public a very optimistic position. It was its Chief Scientist, Soumya Swaminathan, who stated that "I have hope (...) If we are lucky, there will be one or two successful vaccines by the end of the year". What's more, she added that this would mean that "hundreds of millions of doses" could be available by then.

No vaccine against the virus has been discovered yet, but if this scientist has been so hopeful with her words it is for a very important reason: of the 200 pieces of research that are being carried out now, there are four that are about to enter in what is the third and last phase of trials before what would be its massive production. In particular, two of these are being carried out in China, one is being carried out in the United Kingdom and the fourth is in the hands of the United States.

In addition to all the above, in her public intervention, the aforementioned WHO representative has explained in the same way that, according to the calculations and data that are being considered, it could be that by the year 2021 another 2 billion doses will be available. These are really positive figures for the health of the entire world population.

[This is a translation of the original article "'Millones de dosis de una vacuna' contra el coronavirus ya tienen fecha" published in espanadiario.net]