A doctor treating a patient at a hospital

The lesser-known symptoms of Coronavirus that may go unnoticed

It is important to keep them in mind

Fever, cough or difficulty in breathing are the three main symptoms that we know identify the presence of coronavirus in a person and these may get confused with the flu, for example. However, the WHO (World Health Organization) has recently warned of other signs that can also occur such as a sore throat, diarrhoea, headache, loss of smell and taste, or nausea.

But, in addition, we must be aware of other symptoms that may even be unknown to the general population, but which are equally associated with this virus: 

  • Symptoms that can be identified with heart failure.
  • Feeling our eyes very dry.
  • Conjunctival congestion.
  • The appearance of pimples on the skin. This symptom has been mostly detected on hands and feet. It can appear as hives, simple pimples, chilblains and even as a rash.
  • Blurred vision problems.

The media has also stated that other even more serious symptoms have occurred in some people affected by COVID-19. We are talking about a very specific one that is very rare but that we also should know about: deep vein thrombosis, cerebral infarction or embolisms.

As you can see, coronavirus can manifest itself in many different ways and through different signs. Therefore, it is necessary for citizens to be aware of the possible appearance of these, so that they can immediately contact the health authorities and carry out the appropriate tests.

[This is a translation of the original article "Los síntomas menos conocidos del coronavirus y que pueden pasar desapercibidos" published in espanadiario.net]