Coronavirus investigation

The WHO's discovery that changes everything about Coronavirus

It's a very important finding to keep in mind

Since Coronavirus appeared in our lives, many studies are being carried out not only to find out its true origin but also to find the necessary vaccine and, of course, to find out more about this pandemic in depth.

The last study on Covid-19 has come from the WHO (World Health Organization), specifically through the medical agency of the UN.  This study has made a very important discovery that should be taken into account: no conclusive evidence has been found to indicate that coronavirus can be transmitted through contact on an artificial surface, such as an elevator button or a door handle.

This investigation has been carried out on the basis of a previous report which indicated that the virus could remain for up to seven days on any surface. A report that, as has been recognized by the organization itself, was carried out in a laboratory and far from what are the real conditions and situations. It was, therefore, necessary to study this circumstance in depth.

For all these reasons, the WHO has not hesitated to state in a clear way that the truth is that "Covid-19 disease is mainly transmitted through close physical contact and respiratory residues". Although its research has cast serious doubt on whether it is transmitted by contact with various objects, it has sought to be cautious. That is why, despite this discovery, it continues to advise disinfecting surfaces because they can harbour other types of viruses.

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