An old woman with a lot of crow's feet in his face

How To Get Rid Of Crow’s Feet

This article will present 6 of the most effective ways to get rid of eye wrinkles.

Crow's feet are a type of expression wrinkles, more or less accentuated, that most people develop over the years. They are located at the corners of your eyes and can give an impression of sadness, tiredness or fatigue. For many, these wrinkles seem quite unsightly.

That is why research on the most effective techniques to eliminate crow's feet has become relevant as society has become increasingly concerned about the importance of aesthetics. This article will explain what causes crow’s feet as well as the most effective ways to eliminate them.

What is the crow's feet?

The so-called “crow’s feet”, so detested by most middle-aged women and men, are wrinkles that appear at the corners of your eyes. Despite what is commonly thought, crow’s feet are not directly related to the aging of the skin. They appear due to facial expressiveness and squinting, when the sunlight is annoying, for example.

Therefore, having a happy life and smiling quite often predispose the appearance of crow’s feet. However, it is clear that there are factors that aggravate and accentuate this problem, such as  facial dehydration, a dry and sensitive skin, excessive sun exposure (due to UV rays) or the way in which a person gestures or laughs.

The appearance of crow’s feet is a matter of time, but there are remedies and treatments that help you conceal and eliminate them. Despite this, it is important to emphasise that crow’s feet and other wrinkles do not condition someone’s beauty, since they show a person’s spontaneity and soul. For us all, women and men: wrinkles are something natural and beautiful.

Non-invasive methods to eliminate crow’s feet

The concept of “non-invasive” refers to the technique or method of treatment that does not require breaking the skin or piercing it, whose use is cutaneous and superficial. Despite this, it is possible to get surprising results due to dermal absorption.

Some of the remedies or treatments that remove the crow’s feet without surgery involve the use of cosmetic creams, such as eye contour or other types of serum, as well as masks made with fresh and organic ingredients or massages that activate facial fluids and conceal these small expression wrinkles.

1. Cosmetic creams

The chemical industry responsible for the development of cosmetic products has found a goldmine in the creation of formulas that help reduce the appearance of crow’s feet. What these creams have in common is that they provide hydration and sun protection to your skin, since these are two of the causes that accentuate the expression lines.


Among the most popular creams, there is Remescar Crow’s Feet, a product created by Sylphar laboratories, which has good reviews regarding the prevention and cover-up of crow’s feet. By using plant silicones and clay minerals, you will get a smooth skin, without deep wrinkles. The following video of Remescar will show you how to apply it.

Remescar Crow's Feet tutorial: How to apply in combination with make-up?

Rilastil, another cosmetic brand, has also created an effective serum that fights against the appearance of crow’s feet: Cumlaude Summum Radiance. It is paraben-free and provides luminosity to those areas that show aging due to fatigue and dehydration.

2. Home remedies

Most of the home remedies available for the prevention and possible elimination of crow’s feet have in common the use of aloe vera, egg white, avocado and milk. All these ingredients provide antioxidants and nutrients to the skin, which makes your complexion firmer and hydrated.


Some masks that have effective results, providing smoothness and concealing facial expression wrinkles, can be made by grinding an avocado and spreading it on your face, or you can make them using an egg white and aloe vera, following the same procedure. You should let them act for about 20 minutes.


3. Facial Massages

Facial massages help blood circulation and lymphatic drainage,  which allows you to avoid the unsightly consequences of fluid retention. The effects are somewhat controversial and have not been scientifically proven, but it is traditionally believed that by repeating the following exercises once a day, it will prevent the appearance of crow’s feet and will minimise the existing ones.


Once a day, relax your facial muscles and, using your finger, push outwards and upwards the skin at the corners of your eyes, where the dreaded crow’s feet usually appear. Repeat this action about 20 times and close your eyes. The effect will be boosted if you use a suitable eye contour cream during the massage. 

A face cream with its lid on top
There are creams and home remedies to eliminate the wrinkles around your eyes and smile wrinkles | PixaBay

Invasive treatments to eliminate crow’s feet

As we have already talked about the non-invasive treatments to eliminate crow’s feet, it is important to explain and show other options. Invasive treatments are those in which  the skin morphology is modified by injections or surgery  and should be carried out by health professionals.

The invasive treatments to eliminate crow’s feet are more effective than the non-invasive ones, since both their quickness and results are more successful. However, their cost and risks associated with them are much higher. Therefore, it is essential to consider to what extent having crow’s feet entails a problem, because the risk of surgery is very high. Besides, this is simply an aesthetical and subjective problem.


1. Botox injections

The use of botulinum toxin became popular a few years ago as a beauty treatment, particularly for the elimination of small expression wrinkles that appear at the corners of the eyes and mouth. Botox works by blocking muscle contractions, so that the areas where it has been injected will lose mobility and so, this will prevent the appearance of new wrinkles.


The cost of this treatment depends on the clinic where it is carried out, but it is important that the procedure is performed by an aesthetic doctor, since injecting Botox in the wrong areas may lead to aesthetic consequences worse than those created by crow’s feet. Besides, it is common that the results are not satisfactory enough. 

2. Collagen treatment

Collagen is a very effective option if you want to  fill the small lines and creases created by expression wrinkles. Collagen has a filler effect, which makes it ideal when it comes to eliminating crow’s feet. However, its effect lasts about eight months, which is the time your organism takes to absorb the whole compound.


Despite this, the results are similar to those provided by collagen filler creams, which do not need to be injected. Their daily use allows the skin to absorb the compound and their volumizing effect conceal the crow’s feet. It also avoids risks and the pain caused by the procedures involving injections.

3. Cosmetic surgery: Laser and blepharoplasty

Cosmetic surgery is a branch of medicine that tries to solve the possible aesthetic problems or complexes that may create discomfort to some people. It involves invasive techniques and procedures, in which the use of general anaesthesia is common and, sometimes, it even requires hospitalisation.


Among the techniques used to eliminate crow’s feet, there are two that are particularly renowned: laser and extended blepharoplasty. The laser burns the first layers of the skin, which allows it to regenerate, creating a new skin without wrinkles. It is a painful technique that requires anaesthesia, but the recovery is quite short and bearable.

The procedure of extended blepharoplasty requires general anaesthesia. It is a surgery of the eyelids that consists in stretching the outer area of the eyes towards the scalp, thus hiding the scar. Also, it is very effective against the unpleasant bags under the eyes, which give the impression of sadness and fatigue.

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