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What Are the Effects of ED and How to Handle It?

Discover what causes the ED and how to handle with it

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or impotence is defined as having trouble getting or keeping an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. Even though men are ashamed of it, researchers and doctors confirm that it is the most common sexual problem affecting more than 140 million men around the world at any age. Some will face ED often, while others will face it temporarily.

ED may affect relationships negatively if partners cannot handle it together, referring to a decipher-impact article, a reviewer discussed how Bluechew pill had given him a better erection; however, he also discussed how ED could devastate relationships because some women get personally affected and start believing that their partner does not fancy them anymore. So before destroying your relationship and getting depressed, know the causes of ED and how you can handle them.

What Causes ED?

It is not common knowledge that men’s sexual arousal process is as complex as women. Which is the key element that frightens most men when they don’t know that men’s arousal process involves emotions, nerves, muscles, hormones, brain and blood vessels. Since our body functions rely on one another, we get to understand that ED can be caused by even just one trigger of any of those. So, to elaborate on the reasons that cause ED we can divide them into physical and psychological causes:

Physical Causes:

Researchers have found that physical problems are the most common reason for ED. Men who suffer from a physical problem such as heart diseases, high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, clogged blood vessels, sleep disorders, prostate cancer or enlargement and medication side effects may have noticed ED a few times or frequently. Thus, during sex, those men know that there is a possibility of not keeping an erection, which results in anxiety and can lead to experiencing ED. 

Phycological Causes:

Men’s brains are the key players in achieving an erection; this starts with feelings of sexual excitement and starts to build up its own set of physical events. However, if a man has depression, anxiety, stress or relationship problems, their erection is affected to the point that it may not even happen.

How to Handle ED?

A doctor will first ask ED patients to make lifestyle and medication changes if needed such as: quitting smoking and limiting alcohol consumption, exercising, losing weight and treating physical problems.  They may also recommend seeing a therapist for depression or a life coach to manage stress.

The next stage will be taking prescription medications that help in achieving erection such as Bluechew and sildenafil or using penis vacuum devices or penile shots. Usually, doctors tend to leave any surgical interference as their last option.

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Men will experience ED from any physical or psychological problems they are facing. So before popping those erection pills or neglecting the existence of your ED, view your lifestyle and get a check-up to understand the reasons for such a problem.  Nonetheless, the most important thing is to talk with your partner and handle it together to ease your anxiety during sex and help in lowering ED chances.