Horoscope Tuesday on a sky background

Your Horoscope for March 16: Vibration in Mercury

You can now read your horoscope for Tuesday, March 16, 2021. The complete prediction on health, money and love according to your zodiac sign

Horoscope Tuesday on a sky background
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Aries Logo


(21 March - 19 April)

Your partner needs you to flatter them more than usual, although they won’t be asking for it. They feel like you’re all locked up in your own selfish world, as if you forgot to devote quality time to your relationship.

Your business deals and connections will be perfect, because every partner will be independent but at the same time you’ll complement one another.

Try not to fill your plate up with fatty, fried or deep-coated foods, and do some outdoor sports. That’ll be enough to enjoy your Tuesday!

Taurus Logo


(20 April - 20 May)

Many romances will come tumbling down this Tuesday, perhaps due to problems linked to egos and a desire for freedom. Taurus’s mind might be blinded by an unbridled desire for success, and this might put their partner off.

The combination of duties you’ll have will make you collapse at a certain point. To prevent this from happening you should try to take regular breaks to allow you to clear your head.

You’re getting older and your energy levels aren’t what they used to be. You should live in line with your possibilities.

Gemini Logo


(21 May - 20 June)

If you are one of the Gemini natives who are still lonely in search of love, open your eyes wide because you could find in your close environment the person with whom you have always dreamed of living a passionate love story.

You can take the vibration of Mercury which has just entered Pisces to have a conversation with your boss or authorities of your company that can promote you.

Don't get distracted and watch your step, Gemini. You don't want to stop your advancement in life because of foolishness.

Cancer Logo


(21 June - 22 July)

Your love life is starting to evolve, and this Tuesday you won’t hesitate to sit down with your partner and point out their qualities. You can feel that your partner needs a boost and to feel good about themselves.

At work, the lack of empathy of some colleagues you get along with will make you angry. You know there’s areas in your life that could be improved.

Have some time for yourself to think about your future projects (and the years you’ve got ahead of you too!).

Leo Logo


(23 July - 23 August)

If you have a partner, you'll be in tune with each other and enjoy romantic, fun, and passionate moments in your relationship.

Leos who work in the field of hostelry and tourism will finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to their finances. There's a very high probability of earning large amounts of money as a result of an investment and speculation, as long as you can get some professional advice.

Your energy, vitality, and willpower will help you achieve anything you want.

Virgo Logo


(24 August - 22 September)

Your love life will be more lively and warmer than you had imagined. The Horoscope predicts a boost in your creativity levels. You will have plenty of ideas for lots of new activities to do with your partner.

Some of your business ideas should be written down and stored. Let some time pass and then bring them up again after a few weeks.

If you are overweight, this Tuesday will be the time to tackle this situation. Your stamina will be at its peak and you shouldn't suffer from any serious problem.

Libra Logo


(23 September - 22 October)

If the communication with your partner hasn't been flowing lately, Mars will help you recover your bond and reconquer happiness. Single Libras will start lacking attention, complicity, and intimacy that only a stable relationship may give them.

Those who are looking for a job should work on their CV to make it look more attractive. If you're self-employed, you could receive some financial assistance from the State that will help your business recover. 

Regarding health, planetary conjunctions will give you a sense of well-being and positivity that you haven't felt in a long time.

Scorpio Logo


(23 October - 21 November)

Today Scorpios will have to be extremely cautious in all matters pertaining to their love life. Today Scorpios will have to be extremely cautious in all matters pertaining to their love life.

Mars in Gemini does not favour negotiations and might lead to rash actions. You’ll struggle to keep your balance and you might appear abrupt or aggressive.

You feel great. Your vitality is very good, and you’ll have great mental strength to achieve all of your goals today.

Sagittarius Logo


(22 November - 21 December)

You don’t have to settle for a rough patch in your relationship; it’s time to fight for the future you have together. You’ll get back in touch with a relative you had fallen out with. Single Sagittarius, love is around the corner but you should still prioritize yourself.

Try your best to meet your objectives and keep fighting for that promotion – you’re getting closer. If you’re a freelancer, this isn’t the right time to invest your money.

Be careful with the flu and follow simple preventive steps. You will be in a great mood and those around you will find support in you.

Capricorn Logo


(22 December - 19 January)

Seduction will be very important for you regardless of your need to commit. Maybe you want to have a more casual relationship. If you’re in a long-term marriage, you crave for more freedom but the Stars will help you enjoy the small things in life together and bond again.

You are good at handling your finances even if you feel you can’t meet all your goals right now. Today’s lucky number is 31 and it will help you believe in your own destiny and start creating your future.

You’re willing to enjoy life to the fullest today.

Aquarius Logo


(20 January - 19 February)

The new events taking place in your relationship will lift your spirits, Aquarius, but you have to try and find true positivity within you if you want that satisfaction to last.

At work you should try to get in sync with your colleagues, which won’t be easy as you’re barely in sync with yourself; this will be a real challenge.

When it comes to your health, yoga is a great way of relaxing and exercising at the same time, it’s ideal for those who don’t have much time, who are very busy and love to snack between meals. It will help you get in shape.

Pisces Logo


(20 February - 20 March)

Some people close to you, who know your relationship well, will question some of your decisions. Take a step back from this conversation. Reflect on whether you’re being swayed by other people’s opinions, or if they have truly opened your eyes.

You’ll have a lot to offer to your team or collective project, your suggestions will be taken into account and your ideas will help improve the company or goal. You’ll be great at looking after the final aesthetic of your projects.

During short trips you might injure yourself if you’re rushing about and looking at your phone instead of watching where you’re going.