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Fruit comes from plants, and it is usually eaten without cooking. It can be used to prepare juice, milkshakes, brochettes, cocktails, gelatine, fruit salad or cakes, among many other products. Most of them have a sweet and refreshing taste. 

They are composed primarily of water, but also contain significant amounts of vitamins, mineral salts, and dietary fiber; the latter nutrient explains why fruit is good for intestinal transit and digestion.

They are low-fat foods, so their regular intake helps weight loss (if they replace other foods with more fat). On the other hand, avocado and some other fruits are rich in healthy fatty acids.

Among the most popular fruit, we find pomegranate, apple, avocado, jackfruit, lychees, banana, mango, guava, orange, quince, lemon, star fruit, and passion fruit.