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Plants (Plantae) are living beings that belong to the plant kingdom. Most do photosynthesis, that is, they use sunlight to transform inorganic matter into organic matter in order to nourish themselves. In general, its reproduction is of sexual type, although some reproduce asexually.

Plants are usually classified into a large number of different types according to characteristics such as where they live or, very often, the use that humankind gives to them. Thus, we speak of plants that need light, plants that need shade, terrestrial and aquatic, indoor and outdoor, poisonous, carnivorous, aromatic, ornamental, and so on.

Many plants have been attributed curative properties, although scientific research does not always confirm these benefits. Medicinal plants include aloe vera, purslane, chamomile, horsetail, ginseng and mint.

Linden tea
Moringa plant
Rue plant
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The echinacea is used as a natural remedy.
Acne treatment
Endangered plants