How to get pregnant

How To Get Pregnant: 11 Ways To Increase Female Fertility

If you are wondering how to get pregnant, we give you 11 tips for you to succeed on conception

In this article, we propose a series of tips on how to get pregnant, some of them very easy, like making your own fertility calendar or quit drinking so much coffee.

How to get pregnant: increasing female fertility

Read one by one of our proposals and reflect on whether some of them could improve your reproductive health.

1. Make your own ovulation calendar

In order to increase female fertility, the ovarian cycle should function optimally. This is the only way to produce ovulation and also to protect the fertilized ovum during gestation.

If you keep track of the changes you detect in your body that are related to each phase of the cycle, you can create your ovulation calendar and detect which are the fertile days that are more likely for conception. Because if you're wondering what to do to get pregnant, keep in mind that fertilization is more likely during these days than during the rest of the month. This will make all the difference when it comes to optimizing your chances of trying.

2. Your 40s aren't the new 30s

On a personal level, you may feel great and that you don't feel like aging, but biology rules in the matter of female fertility. If in this sense you also ask yourself how to get pregnant, don't neglect the age factor, because nature continues its way whether you want it or not.

Keep in mind that from the age of 35, female fertility gradually declines, and in turn, also increases the likelihood of problems appearing in pregnancy. If you're sure you want, don't delay the moment too much.

3. Healthy diet

When you wonder about how to get pregnant, a proper diet is  key  to increasing the chances of conception. Increase the levels of folic acid that you consume through leafy vegetables (for a safe gestation of the baby), the fertility vitamin (which is the E) present in vegetable oils such as olive oil, as well as these minerals: Zinc, iodine, and selenium.

And if you also include in your daily diet the consumption of foods rich in probiotics (such as natural yogurt, kephir, and sauerkraut) your body will assimilate a greater percentage of the nutrients ingested.

How to get pregnant
A healthy diet is essential to conceive. 

4. Yoga asanas to increase female fertility

Did you know that some asanas go beyond helping to manage the stress of those who want to know how to get pregnant, but have a direct influence on increasing female fertility? That's the way it is.

Certain yoga positions, such as the bridge posture, the hip opening posture or Supta Baddha Konasana manage to reactivate the blood circulation of our reproductive system, as well as decongest the pelvic area, which is often overloaded.

5. Don't take contraceptives

Within the wide variety of contraceptives that exist today, if there are some more linked to the difficulties to get pregnant after having stopped using them, these are hormonal (pill, ring, patches, implants), since the body takes a while to re-regulate after having been subjected to its effects.

For this reason, even if now is not the right time to consider pregnancy, if your idea is to become a mother someday, consider this factor and, if possible, resort to other types of contraceptives that do not influence in the future in your chances of becoming pregnant. We recommend that you care about preserving your female fertility in the best possible conditions for when you start thinking of how to get pregnant.

6. Avoid endocrine disruptors

Endocrine disruptors refer to a type of substance that causes endocrine disruption in our body, affecting the proper functioning of our hormones, something harmful to our health, especially reproductive.

They are present in detergents that wash our clothes, perfumes that impregnate our skin... even some materials for frying pans and containers can pass some of these substances to the products that we cook and ingest.

The use of natural and ecological cleaning and cosmetics products prevents this problem from damaging our objective of increasing female fertility and not being a problem when it comes to getting pregnant.

7. Avoid coffee

One of the first things you should do when you ask yourself how to get pregnant is to reduce your coffee consumption to a minimum. Try not to go beyond 1 or 2 cups of coffee a day, as this would affect your response to stress, and this would affect your insulin levels, which would affect the general functioning of the body and consequently also female fertility.

8. Manage stress

It is necessary to insist even though it has been mentioned previously. Stress will boycott your attempts to become pregnant since the sensitivity of your hormonal cycle would be irremediably affected by it and could prevent the release of eggs from your ovaries. So, if you want to know how to get pregnant, begin by taking care of your stress, and you will increase the fertility of your body.

9. Make sure you have good quality sleep

Probably in the arduous search for answers to know how to get pregnant you haven't even wondered something that would seem too obvious to even keep in mind. But seriously, do you sleep well? The answer to this question may point to a possible obstacle to increasing female fertility.

The reason is that  during the deepest stages of sleep is when our body has the chance to regenerate from the natural wear and tear of everyday life, in the same way as our sexual organs do. When we do not sleep long and deep enough, these organic "repairs" are left half-hearted, thus also causing difficulties in maintaining adequate reproductive health for a possible pregnancy.

How to get pregnant
Sleeping plays an important role in how to get pregnant.


10. Plants for fertility

If there is something that really influences how to get pregnant, that is nature. Nature has allies that can help you increase your fertility. Some of them are sage (with its high content of phytoestrogens), golden flax seeds (for its action as a regulator of the female hormonal system),  chasteberry (with an action equivalent to that of progesterone, the hormone that predominates in the stage adjacent to ovulation and the protector of pregnancy when it occurs) or Andean maca, a root known to increase female fertility.

But in any case, remember not to confuse products of natural origin with products that are harmless and can be used in any way. If you consider using any of them, put yourself in the hands of a professional with the necessary training and experience to advise you properly.


+1 Extra, important advice to get pregnant

No turning sex into an obligation

To end these tips to suggest ideas on how to get pregnant with which to review the daily habits that may be involved and get to increase the possibilities of conception if what you're wondering is how to get pregnant, we have one last thing to tell you. Try not to turn the intimate life that you and your partner share into something solely focused on achieving conception, as it could end up negatively affecting your natural way of connecting at an intimate level.

Sometimes health professionals themselves forget that those who make life possible are not just two cells that unite, but two people who love each other and want their sum of 1+1 to be much more than 2. There are other factors that influence how to get pregnant.

Prescribing sex in order to become pregnant as if it were a medical prescription can end the possibility that the own pleasure, romanticism, and spontaneity of two people who love each other is the one that makes it possible to create a new life.

So keep this in mind so that things flow naturally and make pleasant what to this day has managed to keep our species alive. When something is enjoyed, it is more likely to happen again... And isn't that exactly what you want?

How to get pregnant
Yoga is one of the best ways to calm down and de-stress and favor pregnancy. 

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